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Intuit Management Consultancy assists companies globally to develop their international business in Africa. We identify commercial opportunities, advise on strategic co-operation, develop business plans, project proposals and investment propositions, provide technical assistance and project management. Intuit offers a range of services to companies wishing to operate or improve their business in Africa. We advise private sector clients on international market entry, export expansion, value chain and supply chain development, foreign direct investment decisions and processes, public-private partnerships and raising capital. Intuit assists to form companies in the countries mentioned below:

Zambia Congo DRC Sierra Leone
Ghana Nigeria Ethiopia
Liberia Tanzania Kenya

We have committed ourselves to play a role as bridge and link in the development of your international business with a holistic approach. We have the specialist experience that you would expect of a leading consultancy. We have sector/industry experience in financial services, transport, mining, telecommunications, renewable energy, agribusiness and industrial infrastructure. We challenge current ways of thinking and operating to identify the changes necessary to achieve your vision.

The growing economies of African countries offer investment opportunities and a huge potential market. Intuit is positioned to enable people and businesses to cultivate these opportunities by combining local expertise with innovative solutions and proven approaches or Africa. They provide world class consulting services for Africa with measurable success. Our Group is a team of local and international professionals with experience in the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region.

Our scope of services include:

  • Market Entry Strategy Development:
    The business potential is assessed, advice is given on which countries show the most promise, competitive intelligence surveys are carried out, the market is segmented, the potential customer base is researched and potential local partnerships are identified.
  • Local Business Partner Selection:
    Identification and evaluation of potential local partners in terms of professionalism, reliability and deliverability. This helps to minimize the risk involved in starting a new venture overseas.
  • Company Formation & Legal Setup:
    We initially study the requirements of the clients and their intended nature of business. We then advise on the best suitable legal structure, company formation, licensing requirements, tax implications, international tax planning and the annual compliances which need to be met.
  • Marketing and Sales Expertise:
    To ensure the fastest possible market penetration, Intuit will investigate the customer base, the market place, marketing channels, effective marketing strategies, product positioning, distribution options and supply chain mark ups.
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation:
    Verification of information validity, measurement of project performance against goals and impact assessments.
  • Relocation and Orientation Services:
    Visa requirements, accommodation availability, transport options, lifestyle options and cultural awareness.
  • International Trade Service: 
    • Advice on Import & Export Procedures:
      Using effective import & export procedures enables you to get your products to and from customers and suppliers on time and protect your company’s investment.
    • Import & Export Documentation:
      The details involved in import, export operations are not complicated as you think. With the right information and direction, you’ll be equipped to deal successfully with banks, freight forwarders, customs brokers and foreign customers.
    • Strategy Development:
      We help you to find the target market for your products and services with the right market entry and pricing strategies.
    • Product Research:
      The sourcing of products for our clients, negotiating directly with manufacturers worldwide securing our clients interests.
  • Miscellaneous Services:
    Intuit can assist with commercial due diligence, business negotiation support, mergers and acquisitions, investment projects and the provision of local legal expertise.
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