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Intuit Management Consultancy | Belize
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Total- 22,966 km2 (150th), 8,867 sq mi
2010 estimate 333,200[1] (174th)
Density- 15/km2 (198th2), 38/sq miCalling code: 501
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Belize is a Central South American country bordered to the north by Mexico south west by Guatemala and east by the Caribbean Sea. Formerly known as The British Honduras, Belize got its new name in 1981, once it gained independence from Britain.

Offshore Company Formation in Belize

An Offshore Company in Belize is known as IBC (International Business Company). A client who wishes to operate business internationally from a safe and tax free place can form an IBC in Belize. The commercial Free Zone Act 1994 in Belize allows IBC’s to trade in areas such as manufacturing, processing, and distribution of product and services. Every IBC must maintain a registered office and registered agent in Belize.


Key Features of Belize Offshore Company Formation

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