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The objective of offshore banking is asset protection and financial privacy. At Intuit we specialize in offshore bank accounts, including Swiss bank accounts. We can open both personal offshore and corporate accounts. The result of an offshore bank is that you can benefit from secrecy and lawsuit protection.

To obtain maximum asset protection and privacy, the best advice is to establish an offshore corporation to own your offshore account. With offshore, titled to your corporation, your relationship with the offshore bank remains private. Any deposits or wire transfers are made to the offshore corporation, keeping offshore transactions confidential. Intuit can help obtain an offshore bank account and corporate offshore bank account.

Selecting an Offshore Bank

Intuit has been assisting clients to establish and administer offshore and international bank accounts and has developed useful expertise in identifying and working with suitable offshore banks and international banks. By the very nature of our business we are exposed to a wide range of offshore banks and international banking activities and we aim to learn from these experiences.

The factors to consider include:

  • The political and economic stability of the jurisdiction(s)
  • Experience, Reputation and Service Standards
  • Quality of regulation and access to deposit and investor protection and insurance schemes.

For more information, please contact us at bc@intuitconsultancy.com

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