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Yacht Registration

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A yacht’s registration is her passport to sail international waters. Which flag to fly must be considered in the context of reputation, efficiency, flexibility, lender and charterer preference as well as Port State Control Intervention. We can provide Representative Person services to act as the channel of communication between the owner and government authorities and ensure you are able to fly your flag of choice. Our industry knowledge ensures efficient yacht registration and ongoing support on licensing and manning issues for cost-effective compliance with Flag State requirements.

Yacht management and administration of the ownership structure

A yacht’s ownership and her operating structure will reflect the owner’s strategy, perhaps to gain access to markets or to protect wealth and assets or to ensure the commerciality of your vessel. The use of appropriate corporate or trust entities to achieve optimal structuring for vessel ownership, registration and operation is key. Yacht ownership vehicles and operating structures should be tax efficient and tax compliant. We offer an efficient and ongoing service of support complying with Flag State requirements. We provide a specialist tax advisory service to ensure that you are aware of the tax implications of contracts to buy, sell or build a yacht, as well as providing you with comprehensive opinions on EU VAT matters.


With our dedicated accounts team, we also provide full bookkeeping and accounting services for both the company’s and Captain’s accounting requirements, together with credit card services for the Captain’s cash needs.

Brokerage Services

Whether it is for the sale of your existing vessel or for the purchase of your dream yacht, Intuit through its network of associated companies  can help source your boat, sell your boat and finance your new purchase. We offer a tailored and flexible approach, so that each facility can be individually structured to meet your requirements.


Having contacts with a number of top Insurance Brokers we can guarantee an insurance proposal for both hull and crew medical insurance which you will find hard to beat. We can also provide hazardous sport, piracy and kidnapping insurance as standard depending on your cruising areas and equipment held on board your vessel.

For more information, please contact bc@intuitconsultancy.com

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