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UAE companies apprised of the new labor and immigration rules for visa processing

From 4th February 2018 the “Coordination Committee to execute Cabinet Resolution No. (1/8) for 2017”  requires a “Good Conduct and Behaviour Certificate” for those coming to the U.A.E. for work purposes.

Individuals looking for Employment Visa in Dubai have to obtain a “Good Conduct and BehaviourCertificate.” to receive the required labor and immigration approvals from the Government authorities in the UAE. The rule has been passed to create a safer and sustainable work environment in U.A.E.

The candidates looking for employment visa services in Dubai should obtain the certificate from their home country or country of residence during the last five years. The certificate must be then attested by the UAE embassy in the country of issue or attested by the centers of  Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the U.A.E.

The existing holders will not require the certificate if switching jobs within the country.

When looking for employment services in Dubai, the companies should consider the time frame of processing the visa application for their employees compliant with the new rules as the time frame will vary between countries.