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Angola is strategically situated on the At¬lantic coast of West Africa, where it acts as an open entrance to Southern and Central Africa by way of both road and railroad networks. The Angolan Government, working through the Na¬tional Private Investment Agency-ANIP, which is the only approved entity accountable for its private investment policy (national and FDI), is thoroughly dedicated to protecting every private investor wish¬ing to invest in Angola. The currency is becoming powerful, day by day, stimulating the consuming habit within the Angolan and foreign populations who live in the capital and in the provinces. Angola is the second largest oil exporter in Africa and that country has achieved high economic growth rates for all decade.

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 Company Formation in Angola

  • A limited liability company, located in the largest business city and is 100% domestically owned. The corporate structure of an LLC features (i) the general assembly, representing all the shareholders; and (ii) the management, which is accountable for the day- to-day organization affairs. The existence of a supervisory body is optional
  • A representative office is established for the sole purpose of looking out for the interests of the foreign firm it represents, following up on and offering assistance to that firm’s business operations in Angola and it has no independent legal authority to do business in its own name
  • Branch offices are the most common form of representation for foreign firms in Angola, because they allows foreign investors to do business in Angola on the same terms and under the same circumstance as firms legally established in Angola

Company Registration in Angola – Licensing

  • The Ministry of Trade, through the National Directorate of Trade, provides licenses for medium and large business areas, import and export, representative trade and trade services provision of a relevant size
  • Obtain the Commercial Operations license from the Ministry of Commerce

 Accounting and Tax for Company Registered in Angola

  • Companies and branches operating in Angola are subject to Industrial Tax on their profit at a rate of 35%
  • Companies are also subject to Investment Income Tax withholding, at a 10% rate on, Payment of dividends to their shareholders and for the lease of technical and industrial equipment
  • Stamp Duties imposed on deeds, contracts, agreements, law proceeding, bills and notes, custom clearance documents, letters and other documents. Stamp Duties rate for receipts is 1% of the gross value of each receipt.
  • Employees of the Angolan entity are subject to Personal Income Tax, up to 17% of progressive rate
Type Limited Liability Company/Branch office
Under Algeria law, foreigners can own 100%
Share Capital AOA 1,000
Shareholders Minimum two
Memorandum and Articles of Association Yes
Hiring expatriate staff in Angola Yes
Tax Registration Certificate Required Yes
Statutory audit required yes
The timeframe for Incorporation: 5 to 6 months
Annual Return Must file with Corporate Affairs Commission
How long to open Corporate Bank Account 2 weeks
The timeframe for Incorporation: 3 – 4 weeks
Annual Return Must file with Corporate Affairs Commission
Annual Tax Must be filed
Access to Angola double tax treaties Yes

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