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Author: Param Eshwari

VAT Refund For Foreign Businesses in the UAE

VAT Refund for Foreign Businesses in the UAE

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has introduced a VAT refund scheme in the United Arab Emirates for foreign businesses. With this scheme, all eligible non-United Arab Emirates established businesses will be able to submit the VAT refund requests for the calendar year 2019. However, the refund application needs to be made by 31st August 2020.
India New Home For American Businesses

India may become the new Home for 200 American Manufacturing Companies wanting to leave China

It’s been nearly a year since President Mukesh Aghi of the USISPF (US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum) announced that 200 US companies are considering a move out of China into India after the 2020 general election. For those that are searching for a viable alternative to manufacturing base in the Communist nation, this is a tremendous opportunity for these companies. According to Aghi, these companies have been focused on investing in India since last year.
Audit and Compliance Requirements in Singapore

Audit and Compliance Requirements in Singapore: A Guide for Foreign Investors

Singapore’s ease of doing business, transparent business and legal system, favourable business environment, advanced infrastructure and stable political environment have contributed to making this island nation a favourable destination for foreign investors to set-up their business. In order to maintain its dynamic business environment, the Singapore government requires all the Singapore company incorporations to abide by its audit and compliance regulations.