Trademark Registration in Bahrain

Bahrain Trademark Registration – How to Register and it Benefits

A trademark attorney will usually process a trademark registration in Bahrain by undertaking the following steps:


Trademark’s Comprehensive Study:

Before filing your trademark registration in Bahrain, it is important to find all obstacles that are possible to arise during the registration process. This study enables in listing all same-looking or comparable trademarks (graphically or phonetically) that might conflict with the one selected by you. It will also offer a professional opinion of an attorney about various registration possibilities.


Request Of Trademark Registration:

The next step is that an attorney would file your trademark registration in Bahrain and undertake all required steps in the Trademark Office for getting approval of registration. After filing for the trademark, we send the filing report that includes the application number, its date, and a scanned copy of the complete application.


Trademark Registration Certificate:

After your trademark application is approved by the Trademark Office, the attorney completes all the related tasks to get the registration certificate in Bahrain. After getting the certificate, we send it to your postal address. A registration report showing the registration number, date and any special consideration to be taken into account in Bahrain, is also sent along.

Will I Have Any Right After Having A Registered Trademark In Bahrain?

Registration is necessary to get the rights to a trademark. Bahrain follows the principle of “first to file”.

Can Someone Oppose A Trademark Application?

Yes, it can be opposed on the basis of the following:

  • previously registered right/proprietary right
  • descriptive, confusing, functional, misleading, or generic mark
  • usage of religious symbols
  • mark is non-distinctive
  • any violation of right to a personal name
  • any violation of rights as per Article 6bis, Article 6ter, Article 6septies, and Article 8 of the Paris Convention
  • trademarks that are against any moral principles
  • trademarks that are opposing public order
  • usage of degree of honour without any proof of eligibility
  • usage of third-party names, photos, or logos without prior written consent
  • usage of geographic indication
  • an application in bad faith

Will I Have Protection In Some Other Territories After Trademark Registration In Bahrain?

No, it is only limited to Bahrain.

Is There Any Time Period For Trademark Registration Approval?

The average timeline for registration approval is 15 months, if no objections arise.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Trademarks Permitted To Be Registered In Bahrain?

  • words
  • Names (however, personal names are not permitted)
  • Devices
  • Some three-dimensional shapes
  • Colours
  • Sounds
  • Slogans
  • Trade outfit/get-up
  • Holograms
  • Collective trademarks
  • Certification Trademarks
  • Popular Trademarks
  • Service Trademarks

Post The Trademark Registration In Bahrain, For How Many Years Is It Valid?

The initial term of a trademark registration is 10 years (calculated from the application date).

When Will I Have To Renew My Trademark?

Renewals are done every 10 years starting from the last date on which the trademark was renewed.

What Would Be The Renewal Date For A Trademark?

The first renewal date of a trademark registration in Bahrain is 10 years from the date on which the application was filed.

What All Documentation Is To Be Presented While Renewing A Trademark?

Yes, a power of attorney is needed for renewal.

Do I Get A Grace Period After My Trademark Expires?

Yes, you get a period of 6 months to retrieve back an expired trademark

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