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Dual Nationality & Estate Planning

At IMC, we provide professional guidance for all dual citizenship applications worldwide.

Dual citizenship or dual nationality means that you have citizenship of two (or more) countries and have the rights and obligations associated with this statute. Achieved in various ways, dual citizenship and residency of a country with a good international reputation offers many benefits to its citizens..

Reason for Dual Citizenship
  • In today’s world of instability, obtaining an alternative citizenship/ residency is necessary if you wish to shelter your wealth through tax planning.
  • Protect you and your family against any political and economic instability in your home country.
  • Heighten your financial and personal privacy.
  • Expansion of your business & investment activities.
  • Your current citizenship causes a negative attitude towards you and your family.
  • Mobility and freedom to travel.
  • Quality health care and education.
  • Simply to find a better place for living and retirement.