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A good market research is vital for every business seeking to enter the new market sector, yet a lot of them neglect this important aspect of the business development process. Spending on research not only helps to minimize uncertainties in your business but also validates market for prospective business.

Whether you are entering a new market or venturing into a new business, you must have a robust market research and entry strategy. In today’s challenging business environment, the success and failure of any business largely depend on how well their market research and entry strategy is designed.

It requires a lot of pre-startup planning in terms of understanding of the market opportunity, analyzing the competition, industry analysis, customer/supplier behavior and perception analysis, without which any launch is bound to struggle.

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India as an Investment Avenue

The Indian market has become a great investment avenue due to current relatively low GDP per capita, government’s investor-friendly policies, increasing spending power of Indian population, cheap and skilled labour pools and many other reasons.

India will soon become one of the largest consumer markets in the entire world, and therefore a market research and entry strategy into India is worth considering. However, due to country-specific complexities, legal guidelines and regulatory requirements,conducting business in new surroundings can be a daunting task. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help from a renowned company.

India as an Investment Avenue
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Market Research & Entry Strategy Consulting

At IMC Group, we provide consultancy for market research and entry strategy. We believe in conducting in-depth research and comprehensive analysis to help our clients succeed in the market. With over 3 decades of experience, we have a deep understanding of the market and every specific industry. Combining our in-depth experience, leading technologies and methodologies and advanced technical resources, we provide recommendations for an effective market entry strategy to our clients.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced consultants who work closely with you to understand your requirements and design a customised research brief suiting your specific needs. We conduct our research, keeping your business objective in mind. Our consultancy for market research is based on supporting evidence and fact-based market research data.

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Our Market Research and Entry Solutions

Market Feasibility Study

We conduct SWOT and PEST analysis and identify market entry barriers, business obstacles, legal and regulatory challenges and help you overcome these.

Identifying Business Opportunity

We keep a sharp eye on new developments that take place in the market and update you with any prospective business opportunity that we feel is suitable for you.

Studying the Market Conditions

We analyze the market trends, macroeconomic trends, banking environment within the country before extending our advice on entering new markets.

Identifying Competition

We identify all the prospective threats that may come along your way by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market, specific industry, competition, etc.

Tax Implications

Before you even set up your business, we advise you on tax implications which you may face going forward. This includes advice on tax compliances, tax planning, documentation required, etc.

Legal Implications

We conduct a detailed research on the legal system of the country, compliance’s required, prevailing laws and regulations and help you establish in a new market seamlessly.

Business Setup

We also extend our support for the business set up which involves services like business registration, setting up of business premises, registration with various authorities, etc.

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