Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services in India

Mergers and Acquisitions activity in India has risen in recent years. The primary reason for mergers and acquisitions is to create a more competitive entity where two companies worth more than their combined value if they remained separate entities.

We provide end-to-end support for cross-border M&A deals with consulting firms in India.

Our transaction advisory services take a holistic approach to address all the financial, operational, tax, IT commercial, strategic, human capital, and cultural issues that are part of a deal. At IMC, our team of M&A professionals will work with you throughout the entire transaction cycle to optimize its value by overcoming challenges and achieving a successful closing. Our integrated transaction plan provides insights necessary to minimize risks, manage buy-side and sell-side due diligence and allow you to focus on the future.

Our M&A Advisory specializes in simplifying complex business transactions, mitigating risks, and adding value to acquisitions, corporate restructurings, management buy-outs, and dispositions. Our extensive expertise and AI-powered analytics elevate your M&A due diligence.

Why Choose IMC?

Negotiating a deal
Executing and closing deals
Structuring Mergers & Acquisitions
Managing Mergers & Acquisitions process
Identifying and developing strategies for achieving integration

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Our Solutions

Mergers & Acquisitions

We help our clients access cross-border opportunities for strategic deals and execute 100% buy-outs and roll out Joint-Ventures as required.

Private Equity

Our firm helps companies capitalize on growth opportunities by providing growth capital, facilitating Private Equity exits and enabling part divestment by promoters. We also draw venture capital for exciting early stage companies.

Structured Debt Finance

For special situations, go beyond conventional banking channels with private equity buy backs and cap table restructuring.

Mergers and Acquisition
Collaboration. Made Simple.

How IMC Can Assist you?

Our services are designed to help you attain your strategic business goals by identifying and implementing opportunities to acquire or merge with other businesses.

Our global reach can help you avail our services from anywhere in the world.

Tax reforms and regulatory restrictions can influence a deal but we can safeguard you with our team of dedicated specialists who can address any specific challenges that may arise

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services in India - FAQ

What are M&A advisory services and what exactly does an M&A consultant do?

M&A advisory services aid corporations and private equity firms in executing mergers and acquisitions. They provide pre-transaction consulting and post-transaction support such as market analysis, valuation advice, and assistance with integration. M&A consultants guide companies through the entire merger and acquisition process. They assist in decision-making, due diligence, and compliance management.

Why should accountants get M&A advisory?

Accountants' financial expertise allows them to navigate complex transactions and deliver quality results. Accountants can grow personally by joining M&A advisory. They gain new skills and experiences and become more involved in strategic decision-making. They can develop financial models, conduct due diligence, structure deals, negotiate terms, construct exit strategies, and provide post-merger integration support.

How to hire the best M&A consultants?

The best M&A consultants can help you successfully navigate through the merger and acquisition process, negotiate to increase your gains, and manage the entire M&A process and associated compliance requirements. When looking to hire the best M&A consultants, it is important to consider their expertise, knowledge, and previous experience in dealing with M&A transactions.

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