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Market Research & Competition Analysis

Whether you are planning to expand your current setup or starting a new venture in India, IMC is your one-stop solution provider for all India company registration procedures. With in-depth local knowledge and expertise we are able to execute your project from conceptualization to the implementation stage.

Understanding the Market at the outset is the foremost and crucial step during an India company registration. We study the business and regulatory environment specific to your industry to give you a clear understanding of the market size, business models, competition and the regulatory requirements. At IMC each project entails a customized entry strategy depending upon the market opportunities and industry dynamics in sync with your organisational needs.

Finding the right partner, distributor, manufacturer or customer base is vital to the success of achieving your business goals in India. IMC assists through proactive, on-the-ground support by identifying:

  • Market structure and size
  • Growth rate (historical and projected)
  • Available product/service offerings
  • Key customers and customer segmentation
  • Market trends – drivers and challenges
  • Regulatory and tax aspects
  • Carrying out due diligence on suppliers/partners/distributors
  • Competition mapping
  • Pricing analysis and Trends

Distribution channels & Supply Chain

IMC assists clients with identifying local distributors, suppliers and partners. We evaluate their operations, perform financial, legal and reputational due diligence as a partner to ensure our clients enter relationships that are sustainable and beneficial to their Indian market objectives. We provide an objective viewpoint while keeping the business goals in mind. Along with evaluation we assist with the transaction structure, negotiating financial terms, outlining preferable terms and suggesting counterproposal alternatives.

Business Plan

Business plans facilitate a framework for your business from an overall strategy perspective focusing on the key areas of operation. Business plans are essential and are required to be presented to all associated with the venture, during an India company registration , be it government authorities, investors, banks.

At IMC we understand every facet of your business and validate each step by challenging the current assumptions, identifying gaps, conducting independent research and analysis to corroborate the assumptions. The business plan entails a roadmap, execution plan, budget, and timeline while execution-related tasks include monitoring, tracking, reporting, identifying and communicating risks and issues.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive business plan keeping in perspective other factors such as competitive, economic, social, technological, regulatory, environmental and political that could impact the success of your business.

Our consultants work in tandem with you to understand your business model and goals to create a comprehensive business plan for your India company formation.

India Company Registration and Administration

Selecting the right form of entity is crucial as it has a direct and serious implication on the growth, sustainability, tax implications and legal/financial liabilities of the investor. IMC assists clients in evaluating and establishing the right type of entity based on the requirement ranging from a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Liaison Office (LO), Branch Office (BO), Project Office (PO) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

We ensure legal and financial compliance of your company and obtaining the necessary registrations, establishing bank accounts, issuing share certificates, appointing directors.

Business registrations in India differ by industry and type of operations. We assist our clients by obtaining all the necessary registrations within clear timeframes. The registrations are classified based on the nature of the proposed business activity such as service establishments, trading entities, and manufacturing entities.

We also assist our clients with identifying relevant incentives that the Central and State governments offer, pertaining to location, investment size, industry and operations. Government schemes are typically categorised as investment promotion schemes, sector-specific schemes targeted at developing specific industries and export promotion schemes. With these incentives, you could reduce your cost of operations and free up cash flows.

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