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Verified documentation is a must-have for corporate setups. While notaries used to work earlier, most regional jurisdictions have evolved; thereby tilting scales towards Apostille certifications and stamps. Migratory firms have grown in number, and countries are being forced to make arrangements for including offshore and onshore companies. In the wake of these changes, local authorities have started stressing upon newer forms of legislation, eventually making way for Apostille validation.

Why Companies require Legislation and Apostille Services?

The modern entrepreneurial landscape is a keenly contested arena with authorities emphasizing precise verification of documents. A few years back, it was possible to get the set of documents notarized by a credible local authority to start and continue organizational affairs. However, things have changed dramatically with the country of origin taking validations, more seriously than ever.

According to the current set of requirements, the company directors must get Apostille validation from the country of origin. This process verifies that documents to be submitted to the country of business are genuine. Apostille services make it easier to work around the authoritative local legislation as the source country has already validated the credibility of the concerned documents.

Reliable Legislation and Apostille services ensure that every document that is of interest to the country of business is covered. However, arranging certifications and stamps without a service provider to rely on is an incredibly arduous process. Firstly, the host country checks whether the country of origin has validated the documents and if not, the process of restructuring or even company formation is halted. Moreover, without external influence, the country of origin doesn’t attend to the process with urgency.

The Role of IMC

At IMC, we make it possible for the companies to connect seamlessly with their country of origin while getting Apostille certificates for every document of importance. Our professionals help the associated directors and company owners get their documents and degrees verified, sans hassles. 

Not just that, we also take care of the legislation process post-Apostille verification of a more complex set of documents like power attorneys, death certificates, passports, and more. IMC professionals also simplify police and background checks besides handling constitutional documents, financial statements, and other forms of paperwork with virtual ease.


Our Legislation and Apostille Services include:

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At IMC, we make it easier for companies to get validation and go-ahead from the country of origin. We also make sure that certifications and stamps are acquired in the least possible time while adhering to the transparency of the process. Our professionals are highly committed to streamlining Apostille verification and legislation for the companies and the associated individuals.
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Handling of certifications that validate good standing

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Overseeing the legislation post and pre-Apostille

Translating the documents for the host nation

Following up with the offices to check the status of verification

Getting Home office, HMRC, court, and corporate documents cleared faster than usual

Court document proceeds

Identifying the correct set of documents that require stamps and certifications

Organizing document validation in bulk

Volume-based Apostille certifications

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