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Malta Offshore

Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, 80 km south of Sicily, 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 km north of Libya.  Malta enjoys a wide network of double taxation agreements successfully with nearly 60 countries, facilitating cross-border business with appropriate reliefs from double taxation.

Malta’s strategic position has made it a hub for international trade, business, manufacturing and other services. Malta presents a wealth of opportunities with solid legal and IT infrastructure that enables the industry to adapt and evolve quickly to respond to fast paced global financial climate. Malta offers tax incentives aimed at attracting foreign direct investment both from private high net worth clients and multinational corporations.

Offshore Company Formation in Malta

The Malta Companies Act is modelled on its UK counterpart. A Maltese company can trade and provide services, consultancy, intermediation internationally throughout Europe (having a Maltese/EU VAT registration) as well as outside Europe, enjoying a net 5% effective tax rate after refunds to shareholders. Maltese business owners can therefore enjoy a simple, straightforward Malta company incorporation procedure.