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Offshore Companies are businesses that has been filed or incorporated outside of one’s country of residence. Dubai is an oil rich Kingdom in the Persian Gulf; one of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, and its  the largest city with over two million population. It is a progressive country with extensive commercial interests throughout the world. Dubai is well known as a major global financial center and a well known Offshore Jurisdiction. The Regulations were passed in 2003 establishing the basis for the Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies, operating under the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and also in 2006 by the Ras AI Khaimah Investment Authority establishing RAK Offshore Companies. A Dubai Offshore Company is an ideal tax efficient and cost effective corporate structure to do international trade.

There are two options to form an Offshore Company in United Arab Emirates:

  • RAKIA Offshore Company
  • JAFZA Offshore Company

Advantages of U.A.E. Offshore Company:

It is not a tax haven, not on any black list, has no exchange of information treaties and is a fully confidential jurisdiction. It is essentially the Premier Offshore Company location as it can be used anywhere without question, in completely privacy. You will have a prestigious office address in Dubai and you may open a bank account in Dubai or elsewhere.

Why Offshore?

Dubai represents a unique opportunity in the offshore world today. It has a number of key advantages over other locations which, when combined, provide clients with the most confidential and secure offshore solution available anywhere.

Dubai is a very liberal, oil rich Gulf State which has reinvested its oil wealth to produce a balanced economy. The oil sector now comprises only 20% of the country’s Gross National Product with the balance being dominated by financial services, tourism, manufacturing and trading activties.

It has a state of the art banking sector to service its wealthy indigenous, expatriate and offshore clientele. Dubai provides banking privacy, which is better than Switzerland, for high net worth individuals to live and work and for all individuals to locate their offshore assets.

Most importantly, there are no taxes of any kind on offshore or offshore activities! It is not a “tax haven” but a country with no taxes!