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Taxation Services in Qatar

IMC can advise customers about the Tax implications at the pre-incorporation stage and suggest appropriate company structures. We will advise on the Corporate Taxes as well as applicability of trade taxes like Sales Tax, VAT, GST for your industry. We will also advise on the applicable Forms to be filed, to which authorities it should be filed and the frequency of filing. In the case of Import and Export business, we will also advise on the Double tax Treaties and its implications. We can do the hand-holding in the initial phase of establishing the business as well as an on-going basis. IMC has been operating in GCC for over 10 years.

Direct Taxes

Tax shall be levied on a taxpayer’s income arising from activities in the State of Qatar. The term activity includes:


  • Profits realised on any project executed in Qatar
  • Profits realised from the sale of any of the company’s assets
  • Commission due to agencies or arising from representation agreements or commercial agencies whether such commission is realised in or outside the State of Qatar
  • Fees paid for consultancy, arbitration or expertise and other related services
  • Rent from property
  • Amounts received from the sale, rent or the assignment of a concession and the use of a trade mark, design, know how or copyright;
  • Amounts received from debts previously written-off; Profits realised on liquidation. In addition, interest and other bank income received outside the State of Qatar will be subject to tax in Qatar if this income relates to amounts arising from the taxpayer’s activities in Qatar.

Direct Taxation of Individuals

There is no personal taxation system for income, capital gains, gifts or inheritances in Qatar and, furthermore, no requirements to file any form of tax return.

Indirect and Local Taxes

Apart from the customs duties and fees referred to earlier, there is no indirect taxation system in Qatar. Local taxes, which appear on electricity bills, are charged at 10% of the monthly rent paid for the property.

Tax Administration

The Gregorian calendar is used for Qatar income tax purposes, but a taxpayer may apply to prepare his financial statements for a twelve month period ending on a day other than 31 December.

Details of Taxation Services covered

  • Registering with the tax authorities
  • Preparing the periodical tax filing statements and forms
  • Submission to the appropriate authorities
  • Managing payments of tax liabilities on behalf of clients
  • Handling basic questions, notices or assessments from the tax offices