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VAT in UAE is good for MNC

VAT is UAE: Reason of MNC’s Joy

Introduction The UAE is all set to launch VAT which will be applicable to most of the business in the country with effect from 1st January, 2018. Preparations are in full form and authorities are leaving no stone unturned for successful implementation of the law in the country. Though business in the country are apprehensive […]
Consumer privacy

Six Laws on Consumer Privacy in GCC

Introduction Before understanding the importance of the consumer privacy in today’s scenario, one must know the meaning of this both two terms. There has been rapid changes & development in the technology and their implications. Consumer privacy refers to the protection of the personal data and protection of any kind of communication between people through […]
Taxation in GCC

Taxation in GCC

Why Taxes? The sharp decline in oil prices in recent years, have substantially affected the revenue of the Government in GCC countries. It has also delayed, various development projects which will again result in increased costs for completion of projects. The subsidies offered on various energy and oil products in the region have also been […]