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However, the process can be further complicated by other factors or components such as allowances, benefits, deductions, payments to the government and so on. So, it’s no surprise to know that many SME’s (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) have chosen to outsource payroll and salary functions to accounting and bookkeeping firms. As a result, IMC has partnered with Talenox to offer them extensive, cloud-based payroll management services and software applications. Whether it is about preparing the Form IR8A, Preparation of Salary Slips, calculating the deductions such as SHG, CPF contributions, let us handle it for you.

Key Things to Consider When Managing Payroll in Singapore

Why Should Businesses Outsource their Payroll Services in Singapore?

Businesses in Singapore can significantly benefit from outsourcing their payroll services for several reasons:
Compliance with Complex Payroll Regulations
Singapore has strict payroll regulations, including statutory contributions, taxes, and leave management. Outsourcing payroll services ensures that businesses stay compliant with these complex regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.
Data Security and Confidentiality
Reputable payroll service providers have robust data security measures to protect sensitive employee information. They comply with personal data protection regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and security of payroll data. People data collected throughout the payroll process are presented in the form of analysis or statutory reports that are easily accessible.
Time and Resource Savings
Managing payroll internally can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Outsourcing frees up valuable time for HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and core business functions rather than getting bogged down in administrative payroll tasks. More focus on achieving more strategic objectives, like talent retention and increasing employee engagement.
Scalability & Flexibility
As businesses grow, their payroll requirements change. Service providers can adjust their services to meet the changing needs of businesses. Outsourcing payroll services provides scalability and flexibility to accommodate business expansion or fluctuations in employee numbers. The strategic decision allows businesses to ensure accurate payroll processing, regardless of their size or specific business requirements.
Expertise and Specialized Knowledge
Payroll service providers have a team of payroll professionals with in-depth knowledge of Singapore’s payroll laws and regulations. They stay updated with the frequent changes in employment regulations and bring expertise to handle diverse payroll scenarios, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
Cost Savings
Outsourcing payroll services can be cost-effective for businesses, tiny and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It eliminates the need to hire and train in-house payroll staff, reducing personnel costs. Service providers typically offer pricing models aligning with businesses’ needs and budgets.
Error Reduction and Accuracy
Outsourcing payroll services minimises the risk of costly errors. Service providers utilise advanced payroll software and technology to automate calculations and processes, reducing the likelihood of mistakes in tax calculations, statutory contributions, and other payroll-related tasks.
Choose IMC for streamlined payroll services and discover the benefits of combining your accounting and corporate secretarial services. Contact us today to explore how we can support your business.
Payroll Services in Singapore

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Has your company been looking for seamlessly integrated Payroll Services in Singapore?
We offer full-service, comprehensive and integrated payroll services that includes
  • Handling payslips and report of monthly payroll
  • Submission of Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  • Processing for Skills Development Levy (SDL)
  • Tax Clearance for SPR and Foreign Employees (IR21)
  • Preparation of Annual IR8A
According to the Employment Act, an employee is entitled to their salary within 7 days of the end of the pay period. Therefore, any failure on the behalf of their employer to comply with the provisions of the Employment Act is considered against the law and subject to fines or other punishment. So, it should come as no secret that the timely preparation of payroll services and salary payments is considered one of a company’s most important responsibilities and tasks.

Why Choose IMC for Payroll Services in Singapore?

Ensure Compliance across Borders

Our team of payroll experts are experienced in various Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, alleviating administrative burdens and minimizing financial risks of non-compliance.

Increase Productivity

Boost efficiency by liberating your team's time and resources, allowing key decision-makers to concentrate on driving growth and enhancing profitability.

Enhance Efficiency and Security

With the benefits of a streamlined payroll system supported by our certified ISO27001 data centres and SOC2 cloud hosting.

Payroll Services in Singapore - FAQ

Why should you outsource payroll services in Singapore, and how secure is outsourcing payroll?

Outsourcing payroll services in Singapore frees up your experienced professionals to focus on core business goals such as retaining customers, acquiring new customers, strengthening supplier relationships, market research, and achieving business objectives.

When outsourcing payroll, choosing a reputable company with experience and a focus on security is important.

What are the benefits of hiring outsourcing payroll services in Singapore?

  • Our comprehensive payroll services cover adjustments, overtime, and other variables.
  • Employees can access electronic payslips, and we ensure statutory compliance for peace of mind
  • We offer year-end payroll tax compliance support, real-time payroll management and reporting
  • Ensure confidentiality without investing in costly payroll systems or dedicated in-house specialists
  • Focus on revenue-generating activities and boost productivity cost-effectively using saved time and resources

What Information do I need for Payroll Services in Singapore?

To establish employees on the payroll of your company in Singapore, you will require:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Immigration Status
  • Identification Number
  • Current Job Start Date
  • Pay Frequency
  • Pay Currency
  • Pay Amount
  • Self-help Group Contribution Status
  • Payment Method
  • Bank Account Details

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