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Oman Business Setup With 100 Percent Foreign Ownership

How to set up business in Oman with 100% foreign ownership?

In the last 40 years, Oman has made significant progress towards economic growth. Besides, it is one of the most favourable locations for business investment in the Middle East region. Some of the top factors that attract foreign investment into the country are business friendly climate, political stability, world-class infrastructure and ease of doing business, among others.
Dubai Real Estate Scenario

The implications of Expo 2020 for Dubai’s real estate scenario

There seems to be an upsurge in the real estate arena of Dubai thanks to the years of reforming the real estate policies to draw in the investors. The reforms seem to be working now that the investors are gaining their confidence back about the UAE real estate market. The initiatives that have brought about this change include increasing the flexibility of debt payments by the financial institutes, favourable plans for payment, and long term visas for the professionals and investors.
Company registration in Saudi Arabia will not be a matter of great concern for business investors.

Saudi Arabia Exerts Efforts on Providing Scopes of Doing Business

“Saudi Arabia is now shifting its interest from studies to creating sustainable environments for attracting investments,” stated Mohammad Al Tuwaijri, the Minister of Economy and Planning in Saudi Arabia. There are three pillars for catching in incentives, and they are creating clear strategies for measuring performance, offering diversified sources of finance by way of lucid […]
Foreign Investment Law to Drive Small Business Growth in Oman

Foreign Investment Law to Drive Small Business Growth in Oman

New foreign investment law in Oman is all set to simplify and facilitate the processes for getting permits, licenses and approvals required by foreign investors. Small businesses generally relate to the regular lifestyles of people. So, to make it easier for such businesses to find their foundation in Oman, the foreign investment law ratifications have […]
MSMEs Sector Is Going To Get a Major Boost by Government

MSMEs Sector Is Going To Get a Major Boost by Government

MSMEs, which are also known as the micro, small, and also medium enterprises or companies, are all set to get great news by the Government. A huge boost-up is going to happen for all the micro-enterprises, small enterprises, and medium enterprises. Recently, on a conference Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister has stated one imperative fact […]