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Procedure for Application of S Pass Singapore

Procedure for Application of S Pass Singapore

Singapore offers foreign workers various forms of work passes depending on their background. These work passes are issued and handled directly by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). There are four types of schemes for foreign individuals wishing to be employed in Singapore
Employment Visa in Oman

Procurement of an Employment Visa in Oman

The process of gaining employment for foreign nationals in the country of Oman has been increasingly regulated as part of the Omanisation initiative. Once a foreign worker is officially employed by an Oman-based company, the employment visa process starts.
Share Transfer Process in India

Here is a Detailed Guide to Share Transfer Process in India

The ownership of any Public Limited or private limited company in India is critically defined by the shareholdings of the company. Transfer of shares implies the voluntary handing of rights and duties of a shareholder, who does not wish to continue as a member of the company, to a person who wants to take the position.
UAE Incorporating Changes to Existing Economic Substance Regulations(ESR)

What does the Major ESR Overhaul mean for the Organizations based out of the UAE?

2020 continues to be unpredictable with the UAE incorporating certain changes to the existing ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) policies, in a way to overhaul the existing principles associated with Economic Substance Regulations. As per the existing ESR guidelines, companies based out of the United Arab Emirates had to file reports, showcasing the legislative whereabouts, and tax-related activities.