EOR PEO Services in Singapore
EOR PEO Services in Singapore

Manage Payroll in Singapore with IMC Group’s Payroll Management Solutions

Manage payroll and taxes, administer benefits, and ensure compliance for your global workforce.

Facing the challenges of compliance, taxation, and other obstacles while paying your global workforce?

We are here to help!

IMC Group offers global payroll solutions that help you effectively manage payroll and pay your global workforce with ease.

We assist in onboarding, managing, and paying employees and contractors around the world.

Payroll is more than Pay Checks

Global payroll does not stop when your employees get paid. It is much more than processing payments to employees. It is a strategic asset that enables you to hire, onboard and pay top talent quickly, easily and in full compliance all over the world.

With robust technology and unprecedented control of international payroll processes, our unified international payroll solutions drive business progress.

Get The Help From Our In-Country Payroll Professionals

Our in-country payroll experts, vetted partners and global support teams spanning across 160 diverse markets can handle every pay cycle with confidence and resolve all your international payroll related queries.

With vast experience in operational payroll, compliance and implementation across an array of industries, our dedicated international payroll team can offer bespoke support to ensure your staff gets paid accurately.

Our Global Payroll Management Approach

Discover how we can facilitate the growth of your global team.

Payroll Management - FAQ

What are Payroll Managed Services?

Outsourcing payroll tasks to a third-party provider is called payroll managed services. It frees up your HR, finance, and admin teams, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. Plus, it ensures compliance with regulations in Singapore and globally.

Why Outsource Your Process to Payroll Management Services Singapore?

Opting for outsourcing payroll services in Singapore frees up your in-house team of experienced professionals to focus on executing core business objectives. This means you have more time to retain existing customers, attract new customers, build stronger relationships with your suppliers, develop an effective marketing campaign, conduct market research, and achieve your current business goals and objectives.

Discover how effective global mobility solutions can help transform your international business operations

Watch now to elevate your game with efficient employee relocation, tax management, and regulatory compliance. Stay ahead, and stay global!

Payroll Outsourcing Singapore

Discover the 'Why' Behind Payroll Outsourcing - Uncover the Benefits Today!

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