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Enhance Your Talent Attraction and Retention Efforts: Offer Equity to Your Employees Worldwide with Our Global Equity Program


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Enhance Your Talent Attraction and Retention Efforts

One of the simplest methods for providing global equity awards and stock options

IMC Group collaborates with top legal advisory firms to assist you in providing globally compliant and customized equity plans and stock options. By delivering consistent packages regardless of location, you can attract qualified candidates and ensure that your talented employees remain loyal to your organization.

Integrated Solutions:

We take care of everything, from researching grant options to providing support with withholding rates, payroll processing, supplemental reporting, and other related tasks.

Global Adherence:

Our in-house experts collaborate closely with globally recognized consultants to guarantee that your equity awards conform to local regulations and standards.

Tailored Compensation Plans:

We simplify the process of granting various types of awards, such as stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted stock units, and phantom awards, making it effortless for you to issue them.

Rapid Response Services:

Get access to competitive pricing on top-notch coverage by leveraging rates that are exclusively available to large-scale providers.

Grant Worldwide Equity with Regional Customization:

Offering equity awards and stock options to foreign employees should not be challenging. You can obtain detailed, country-specific recommendations on equity packages through our comprehensive resource center. Moreover, our experts are available to provide fast and localized support whenever you require additional assistance.


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