Singapore Branch Office Setup with Nominee Agent

Nominee Resident Agent Service and Singapore Branch Office Registration

Foreign businesses willing to make their presence in Singapore can extend a branch office in Singapore.

The registered branch office in Singapore acts as an extension of the business of a foreign company that has its business registration outside Singapore.

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Singapore Branch Office Setup Requirements

  • One Resident Agent
  • One Corporate Shareholder
  • One Registered Branch Office in Singapore

Singapore Branch Office taxation

Any Singapore Branch Office is counted as a non-resident business/company in terms of taxation. According to the local rules, non-resident companies do not qualify for tax incentives for new start-ups; thus, most foreign companies opt for a Singapore Subsidiary Company over Singapore Branch Office.

Singapore Branch Office Features

  • The branch Name must match the parent company’s name
  • The branch office must include one staff (Singapore resident or foreign individual) who works as an agent and manages the administrative work
  • The branch does not have a different legal identity from the parent company as it works as an extension of the parent company
  • Branch staff relocating from a foreign country must have an Employment Pass
  • The branch must follow the parent company’s Article of Memorandum to perform activity and business

Benefits of opening a Singapore Branch Office

  • It enables foreign companies to explore opportunities in Singapore’s business market and expand their businesses
  • It works as a great platform for building a business name
  • It creates a direct connection with Singaporean distributors and local agents

Drawbacks of opening a Singapore Branch Office

  • It does not count as a resident company, so you will not be to qualify for local tax benefits
  • The branch office does not have a separate identity from the parent company, and the parent company will be responsible for all its debts
  • The parent company must submit audit accounts and annual reports within two months before the branch office general meeting. All Singapore Branches, (unless exempt) are required to prepare audited profit and loss account which complies with the Accounting Standards and give a true and fair view of the profit or loss arising out of their operations in Singapore, and audited statement showing their assets used in and liabilities arising out of their operations in Singapore, and lodge these documents with ACRA

Things to Note

If you have decided to open your Singapore Branch Office, you must follow these steps

  1. Register your Singapore Branch Office. We at IMC can help you register your Singapore branch office
  2. According to the Singapore All Companies Act, you must appoint a company agent to represent the company. The agent can be a local Singaporean or a foreign employee with Employment Pass. Conversely, you can also choose our nominee representative services to fill the post
  3. All foreign companies willing to open an office branch in Singapore must include the services of a professional service firm in Singapore

Also, note that the Employment Pass Application must only be made after completing the Singapore branch office registration successfully.

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