Company Incorporation Services in Singapore

You can avoid piles of paperwork and take help of company experts like IMC for your company secretary and other corporate compliance matters.

Company Incorporation Services in Singapore

You can avoid piles of paperwork and take help of company experts like IMC for your company secretary and other corporate compliance matters.

We have an established and well tested process for Singapore company formation and we will complete company registration for you within a reasonable time and cost framework.
With our expert support team, you can start your business from anywhere in the world.
Key Requirements for Incorporating a Company in Singapore:
If you’re planning to set up a company in Singapore, it’s important to know the requirements for registration. This includes understanding the necessary documents and fulfilling the legal obligations needed to register a company successfully. You need:

Incorporating a Business in Singapore for Foreigners

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) regulates the company incorporation process in Singapore.

As a foreigner, you cannot open a company in Singapore independently. You are required to appoint a registered filing agent and obtain an Entrepreneur pass (E Pass) to relocate and work in the city-state. It is advisable to ask your agent for customized solutions for registration of your Singaporean company.

Registered Filing Agent: You can simplify your task by appointing a registered filing agent such as a Singaporean accounting firm, law firm, or secretarial service.

Local Director: When forming a new company in Singapore, it is necessary to appoint a local director who is a Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or EntrePass holder.

If you need a customized solution for registering your company in Singapore, you can seek the assistance of IMC. They can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure your company registration process is smooth and hassle-free.

Why Choose IMC for Singapore Company Incorporation?

Local Expertise

Our team of company secretaries and accountants are up-to-date with local laws and intricacies. By forging strong ties with local authorities, we ensure our clients benefit from our on-the-ground experience and insights.

A Partner on Your Side

Our company is dedicated to providing excellent service with unwavering integrity. We are committed to giving each client meticulous attention and ensuring that we get it right from the start.

Do your registration from anywhere

You do not need to be physically present here to set up and manage your company in Singapore; so there is no need to fly here to do the process.

Safe & Secure Storage

No need to save hundreds of documents and paperwork. You can now store all important documents on the cloud and simply access it from anywhere.

Streamlined & Simplified Processes

We’ve simplified and streamlined all the processes for you to make it quick and simple to get your company started.

Transparent Pricing Model

We do not burden you with any hidden fees. There’s just one cost to get you up and running.

Unlock the Potential of Singapore's Business Environment

Types of Business Entities & Companies in Singapore
Sole-Proprietorship (One Owner)
Partnership (Two or More Owners)
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Private Limited Company
Variable Capital Company

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Company Formation in Singapore - FAQ

Does a foreigner need to visit Singapore to establish a company?

No, you do not have to be physically present in Singapore to set up a company.

What are the key requirements for setting up a Singapore company?

  • A company needs to have at least one shareholder who can be a local or foreign individual or company
  • At least one of the directors must be a natural person, above the age of eighteen years old, and a resident of Singapore
  • A shareholder who is a natural person can also be a director of the company
  • A qualified company secretary has to be appointed. The secretary must be a resident of Singapore
  • Company must have a physical, local address in Singapore
  • The company must have a paid up capital of at least $1

What are the minimum and maximum number of shareholders a company can have?

A Singapore Private Limited Company (LLC) registration requires at least 1 shareholder. A Private Limited Company can have a maximum of 50 shareholders.

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