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Where Should My Company be Registered?

In order to establish a business in Singapore, prospective business owners must adhere to a number of regulatory conditions. Having a registered office address is among the requirements set down by Singaporean law before a company may be formed. This information needs to be placed into the Accounting and Business Regulatory Authority’s (ACRA) online registration application form.

Without first having a registered business address in Singapore, a business cannot be established, even though they may choose to employ a company registration address service, as it is a requirement of the establishment procedure.

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What Conditions must be met for a Registered Office of the Company?

The following conditions, which are listed below, must be met by a registered business address.

  • It is accessible for a minimum of five hours every working day during regular office hours
  • P.O. Boxes are not acceptable
  • There must be a Singapore-based physical office address provided

Considering that all governmental organisations and entities will be sending their correspondence to this location, the organization should also make sure that the inbound mail delivered to its registered business address (or registered office address service) is verified on a routine basis.

Examples of letters from government organisations and agencies that a firm might get include prompt reminders to follow yearly requirements, new government rewards, modifications to policy, etc. Barring specific instructions to the contrary, banks may likewise send letters to the company’s registration address. It goes without saying that diligently communicating from your Singaporean business address or using a reputable company registration address service is not just a matter of regulatory requirements but also good business sense.

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