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UAE Incorporating Changes to Existing Economic Substance Regulations(ESR)

What does the Major ESR Overhaul mean for the Organizations based out of the UAE?

2020 continues to be unpredictable with the UAE incorporating certain changes to the existing ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) policies, in a way to overhaul the existing principles associated with Economic Substance Regulations. As per the existing ESR guidelines, companies based out of the United Arab Emirates had to file reports, showcasing the legislative whereabouts, and tax-related activities.
Right Time to Launch a Business in MENA

Is now the right Time to Launch a Business in MENA? The Experts say “YES!”

The pandemic has left the world economies in shambles and the unemployment rate is touching a new high in many countries. Establishing a new company or launching a new business might be counter-productive, according to most people. However, other feel that it is a good time for business setup in Dubai due to the concessions and tax leeway granted by the government agencies.