Setting up a New Business in India

You can avoid piles of paperwork and take our assistance for company incorporation. We will assist you with India company registration at a reasonable cost.

Setting up a New Business in India

You can avoid piles of paperwork and take our assistance for company incorporation. We will assist you with India company registration at a reasonable cost.
Get Professional Assistance for Company Formation in India
India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with plenty of opportunities for business startups. Therefore, many new players are always looking to enter the Indian markets or expand their existing businesses to leverage India’s competitive advantage. Whether it be a foreign company eyeing a business set up in India, or an Indian company looking to expand, The Companies Act, 2013 governs all such entities and makes it necessary for them to register. We at IMC Group cater to all the requirements regarding such company formation in India.

Why Choose IMC for Company Formation and Registration in India?

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You do not need to be physically present here to set up and manage your company in India.

Streamlined & Simplified Processes

We’ve simplified and streamlined all the processes for you to make it quick and simple to get your company started.

Safe & Secure Storage

No need to save hundreds of documents and paperwork. You can now store all important documents on the cloud and simply access it from anywhere.

Transparent Pricing Model

We do not burden you with any hidden fees. There’s just one cost to get you up and running.

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Types of Business Structures in India

Sole Proprietorship

This type of business is operated and managed by a single person. There are no such registration formalities and they are recognized by other registrations like sales or service tax registration and therefore it is very famous among small traders and merchants.

Key features

1. Unlimited Liability

Here, the owner and firm are not separate legal entities and therefore, the owner is responsible to pay off everything. This is the reason why sole proprietorship is suited only for small businesses.

2. Easy to set up and carry on

Since there are no separate formalities for registering a sole proprietorship business in India, anyone can easily start it without any professional help or prior knowledge. If you are dealing with some specified commodity, you just need a license or permit to sell the same.

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How to Register a Private limited Company in India?

Minimum Requirements
Now, you can understand the company registration process through the following steps.

Obtaining Digital Signatures

At least one director must apply for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), which is mandatory for filing the company registration documents. Only a few scanned documents and details will be required for completing the procurement process. DSC is compulsory for signing the E-forms relating to incorporation life Form INC-1 and other documents of the company.

How to Select a Business Structure while Applying for Indian Company Registration?
Here are some very crucial questions that every entrepreneur must ask himself before finally making a business structure decision.
Number of Owners/Partners to be engaged in the Business
If you are a single person owing the entire initial investment that is elementary to the business, the ideal choice will be a One Person Company. Whereas, if the business you are engaged in has two or more owners and is actively seeking the investment amount from other parties as well, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a Private Limited Company would be best suited to you, depending upon the scale of operation you wish to choose.
Initial investment determines your business structure choice greatly
If you want the initial expenditure to be less, a Sole Proprietorship will be a wise choice, and even an HUF or a Partnership would be fine. But, if you have the surity that you will be able to recover the compliance and setup costs, you can anytime opt for opening a One Person Company, a Private Limited Company, or an LLP.
Willingness of bearing the liability related to the business

Small structures of business like sole proprietorship firms, HUFs, and partnership firms have unlimited liability associated to them. This implies that in case any default happens in loan amounts, the entire money of that loan or liability will be recovered from the partners or members engaged in their profit sharing ratio. There, the risk towards your personal assets is higher in these selected cases.

On the other hand, LLPs and Companies only have a limited liability towards their owners. This indicates that the liability of its members will be restricted only to the amount of contribution they are making or the value of shares every member is holding.

Tax Rate Applicability to the selected business

The income tax rates that are applicable on a sole proprietorship and an HUF are ordinary slab rates in India. In a sole proprietor’s case, the income of business is the same individual’s other incomes.

However, in the case of any other entity like a partnership or a company, the rate of tax applicable is 30%.

Investor Funding Plans
Getting outside investments is extremely difficult when your business structure is unregistered. Business entities like Private Limited Companies and LLPs are trusted by investors. Make sure that you are choosing the right structure and try to seek the help from an expert so that you can get registered under required guidance.
Sweat Equity in an Indian Company
Sweat Equity (Indian Public Company)
Section 79A of the Indian Companies Act lays down the provisions for issuing the Sweat Equity shares in India. It states that a company is allowed to issue sweat equity shares of such a class that is already issued by the company on fulfilment of the following conditions:
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Massive Market Potential

With the second largest global population, India is the third-largest economy of Asia in GDP terms. This statement is enough to clarify the potential Indian markets have for every kind of business operation. Along with this, you can also take benefit of the numerous FTAs and DTAAs that are signed by the government for providing access to major consumer markets that include Australia and China.

Operation Cost is Low

The cost of running businesses in India is very low in comparison to other countries that means your net profits will always be higher. Businesses can always expect to gain from the low average salary levels, low electricity costs, and low paid-up capitals.

Government Incentives are attractive

All companies operating in India are entitled to fabulous economical incentives such as:

  • Complete corporate tax exemptions
  • Financial grants
  • Reimbursement of operation costs
  • Accelerated depreciation on the value of all machinery and types of equipment
  • Refund of research costs, trading costs, and project investments
Value Proposition for You

Our sole aim is to offer all our services under a single umbrella to eliminate the need for companies, especially foreign companies, to coordinate business with different service entities. While helping you with your company registration in India we strive to minimize the regulatory, transaction and other related risks so your business can run smoothly.

We at IMC Group will ensure a seamless process if you are looking for company formation in India. Let us discuss the right legal framework for your type of business based on your objectives so we can structure the right strategy to incorporate your company.

What IMC Offers?
We provide a one-stop solution to tackle all your requirements right from taking care of the documentation to the ongoing follow up services till your business set up in India is ready to function. Some of our services include:

Legal Set-up

  • Company formation / incorporation
  • Government approvals for foreign investment in a wholly owned Indian subsidiary or a joint venture company
  • Establishment of a Liaison Office, Branch Office and Project Office after getting due governmental approvals
  • Tax Registrations under various laws like GST, Excise, Income Tax, ESIC, Foreign Trade, etc

Physical Set-up

  • Assistance with locating office space for your new establishment in India
  • Providing the communication address
  • Assistance with lease agreements

Ongoing Services

  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Taxation Services
  • Compliance Services
  • General Business Support and Advisory Services
  • Secretarial Services
  • Legal Support Services
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