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Six Must-Do’s to launch your Business Successfully in UAE in 2019

Six Steps Launch Your Business Successfully in U.A.E.

Six Must-Do’s to launch your Business Successfully in UAE in 2019

Last Updated on May 26, 2021


UAE being an ultimate and attractive shopping destination, several entrepreneurs dream of setting up a thriving business in the Kingdom. But at times, if the investors lack the required ground work and networking, then they can fail in their efforts. Most business owners prefer DMCC company formation as the DMCC ranks as world’s top and most-preferred free zone. However, it’s important to step forward with caution and impeccable preparation.

So how can you launch a business successfully in the UAE? We have collated six steps for you, which can enable you in giving your best shot at new business setup in Dubai or UAE or if you have decided for company formation in Dubai.

Six Steps to set up a Successful Business in Dubai or UAE


1. A Comprehensive Plan

The first step is to make a detailed plan with business ideas about the particular industry you are planning to get into, your competitors, your business objective etc. Decide all milestones for all key tasks to be done and then work accordingly.

2. Know Your Market

The most important step before you step into any market is to know it in-depth. So, it’s advisable to spend time into thorough research to know the exact demand or requirement of the customers, the on-going trends, what are the dos and don’ts, etc. It’s best to research and then first your ideas so that you can understand your potential customers better.

3. Networking is the Answer to your Problems

Professional networking is another must-do if you want to go for company formation in Dubai. UAE and especially Dubai are places where citizens are social and love going out and meeting new people. Developing good contacts who can support you later, attending all major events, be it at a social or business level, can not only get you good advice and recommendations but also will act like advertising for your business. Also, striving to build a good network can lead to better business prospects, strategic partners in future who are in a position to help you in new business setup in Dubai or grow your business.

4. Financial Support

It is recommended to have excess finance forecasting at the beginning as it takes a while for a business to grow and start reaping profits. Take into account that you would need some time to spread awareness about your brand and make your footprint in the market, till then, you should be secure by having a good amount of working capital to back you up.

5. Marketing

Focusing more on your marketing plans will take you far for sure. It’s recommended to spend more on digital marketing as the UAE digital marketing data of 2018 shows that 9.38 out of 10 people are active on some social media forum and hence, digital marketing would definitely help in reaching out to more number of people.

6. Hiring the Best Fit

Hiring the right people would not only help in running your business, but also they help in its quicker growth. You will need a good mix of team who can give you the apt advice at the right time, who can work in the dynamic market of Dubai and UAE and help you launch and then grow your business.

7. Stay ahead of the game

There always will be many companies offering the same service; but you have a better chance to succeed only if you offer the top quality of products or services along with impeccable customer service. First, you should know your expertise, then you should apply it well to build your brand and gain experience and lastly, always think of how you can give something extra to your customers; only then you can surpass your competitors.


So, if new business setup in Dubai is on your mind, we at IMC, provide our support to budding entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for company formation in Dubai. To get solutions to all your queries, do contact us and we assure to assist you.


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