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Company Formation in Dubai

We establish and administer secure & efficient corporate and trust structures for HNIs, expatriates, businesses, entrepreneurs, family offices and individuals. We set up and customize these structures to meet the specific personal or business objectives of our clients. We ensure fast and efficient company formation and incorporation in Dubai, U.A.E.

Top Reasons to Get an External Audit Done in Dubai

Types of Companies


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

L.L.C. allows you to do local trade and services. It is recommended for a company setup in Dubai who wants to pursue or during company formation in Dubai for retail business. A company registration in addition to local trade it also permits global trade. A Dubai limited liability company (L.L.C.) is an ideal vehicle to use for entrepreneurs doing business within Dubai, the U.A.E. and internationally. With company registration and company formation in Dubai L.L.C., you still can own only 49% of the equity. However, you can do that and keep more than 49% of the profits. U.A.E. law allows L.L.C.s to come up with flexible, differential profit sharing arrangements. These can give you an enormous advantage, especially since the 51% local equity rule is quite inflexible in most cases. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the L.L.C. is the most popular form of business organization in U.A.E.
~ Local & International Trade allowed
~ Office required
~ Visa provided
~ 51% shareholding held by local U.A.E. national except for professional licenses, where 100% shareholding is allowed

Benefits of Company set-up in Dubai L.L.C.

A Dubai L.L.C. offers unrivalled access to Dubai and the wider U.A.E. economy. Through a Dubai L.L.C., international entrepreneurs obtain Trade Licenses from the Dubai government. There are few restrictions on the activities of a Dubai L.L.C., and it is possible to obtain a license for all activities with the exception of banking, insurance and investment activities.Through a Dubai L.L.C., investors obtain a strong physical presence in Dubai. Although cost effective office space is hard to find in, we offer solutions to meet every budget and specifications.Incorporating a Dubai L.L.C., company registration now faces no specific minimum capital requirements, after this formal requirement was abolished in the U.A.E. Companies may or may not be subject to minimum capital requirements, dependent on the size, nature and goals of the business.It is easy to open global corporate bank accounts following company registration and Dubai L.L.C. set up.


Free Zones in UAE offer many benefits. There are more than twenty Free Zone options available. There are many free zones focusing on a particular type of business or industry Commodity, Media, Gold, etc. The details pertaining to the various free zones can be seen by clicking on the FREE ZONES button in the top menu bar.


Offshore Companies are businesses that has been filed or incorporated outside of one’s country of residence. Dubai is an oil rich Kingdom in the Persian Gulf; one of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates and it is the largest city with a population of over two million. It is a progressive country with extensive commercial interests throughout the world. Dubai is well known as a major global financial center and a well-known Offshore Jurisdiction. The Regulations were passed in 2003 establishing the basis for the Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies, operating under the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and also in 2006 by the Ras AI Khaimah Investment Authority establishing RAK Offshore Companies. A Dubai Offshore Company is an ideal tax efficient and cost-effective corporate structure to do international trade. It has a state of the art banking sector to service it’s wealthy indigenous, expatriate and offshore clientele. Dubai provides banking privacy, which is better than Switzerland, for high net worth individuals to live and work and for all individuals to locate their offshore assets. Most importantly, there are no taxes of any kind on offshore or offshore activities. It is not a “tax haven” but a country with no taxes!

There are two options to form an Offshore Company in United Arab Emirates:

Types of Licenses Issued in Dubai

Trade License for Company Formation in Dubai

A trade license is issued to a natural or juridical person to practice any trading activity for the purpose of profit making through buying and selling of goods. These licenses are issued for engaging wholesale or retail trade enterprises, contractors, hotels, transport and storing establishments etc., A Trading License can be a General Trading or Specific Trading. A specific trading license limits the scope of activities to trade in only closely related items. For example a company cannot trade in building materials, if its licensed activity is trading in computer peripherals. These fine details must be defined before your company setup in Dubai.

Professional License

A professional license is issued to a natural or juridical person to practice any profession in which he depends on his physical or mental efforts rather than depending on a cash capital. This license is issued to practice certain professions or company formation in Dubai such as engineering consultancy, other consultancy services and studies, auditing and accounting, business set up, company formation, company registration, medical and educational services and similar services.

Industrial License

An industrial license is issued to a natural or juridical person for company formation in Dubai to practice any investment activity, the object of which is to discover natural resources or transform raw materials in terms of its structure or appearance into manufactured products or to transform the semi-manufactured products into fully manufactured products by using mechanical power and segregate the products, filling, assembling or packing them.

Why Choose IMC?

Our focus always remains to understand, assess, customize and implement a solution that is best suited to meet our clients’ goals while maximizing the available benefits. Our advisors are experienced to provide solutions that capitalize on jurisdictional advantages and frameworks. We ensure fast, efficient formation and incorporation of all types of company and can provide management and administration facilities including accountancy, tax compliance and full secretarial services.