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Why You Need PRO Services as an Employer in Dubai? Things You are not Told by Everyone


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More and more investors across the globe are discovering Dubai as their future business destination and many companies located in the UAE are planning to hire people from abroad to meet their human resource recruitments. Skilled professionals in great numbers from other countries are also seeking to work in this business and tax-friendly Middle East state.

However, this process of global hiring poses serious issues when the companies recruiting manpower do not have the right resources to successfully address all the regulatory requirements of the local administration and other government authorities.

Though there are many guidelines available, practically it is very difficult for someone new, to properly understand all the processes involved in appointing and retaining new hires till the time it is done by oneself. Multiple visits to government offices are normal and on various pretexts either for a document or payment of fees or some other reasons making it very complicated and embarrassing just to realize the importance of external support from an experienced and professional pro services in Dubai.

Areas for Employers to Outsource PRO Services In Dubai


1. Immigration & Labour Contracts

For a new business set up in Dubai mainland, one must register with the Department of Naturalization and Residency (DNRD) and the Ministry of Labour (MOL) for allowing the business entities to hire and appoint the required labour and professional staff from overseas.

For businesses established in free zones, a registration with free zone authority is a must. On registration, you must interact with the Free Zone Authority to initiate the process of residence visas and work permits. However, a legal document detailing the conditions and procedures of employment between the employer and employee becomes mandatory for ensuring securities of both parties.

The labour contracts are required to be documented both in English and Arabic necessitating careful drafting and translation and needing help from pro services in Dubai. Moreover, even after the introduction of online services by the UAE government for easing this process, it remains to be very complicated and almost always requires assistance from pro services.

2. Employment Visa & Residence Permit

For entry and work in Dubai, both an Employment Visa and Residence Permit are required. These documents are to be provided by the employers and pro services in Dubai can be of great help in obtaining these documents as they are well conversant with the procedures involved and familiar with the working of the immigration department.

3. Emirates ID

Emirates ID is an identity card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents alike and they should carry it with them at all times. Employers are not allowed to withhold the Emirates ID cards of their employees. The ID card comes with an electronic chip containing all employee data.

Obtaining an Emirates ID card for your employees can be complicated and time-consuming due to the application process and documentation requirements as it requires filling up of an eForm at one of the authorised typing centres or through the online form available on the website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) and then receive an SMS containing information about the registration centre. Dubai pro services can save the employers lots of time, money and hassle only requiring employee data to be given to the services.

4. Dispute Resolution

Where there is a dispute between an employee and employer, an application must be made to the MOL for resolving the dispute. In case, an employer is faced with such a situation, he/ she can seek guidance from Dubai pro services.

5. Transfer of jobs

The rules relating to workers changing jobs from one company to another are restrictive, complex and changeable. So when employers need to transfer their employees to any other company owned by them, pro services can often facilitate this process of transfer of jobs between two companies jointly owned by an employer.

6. Medical Insurance

Employee health-related issues take utmost priority in Dubai. It is a must for employees to undergo strict medical examination during the Visa approval process. The medical insurance is integrated with the Emirates ID and Dubai has made it compulsory for all employers to have employee medical insurance.

The medical insurance is tricky considering the cost and suitability aspects and local pro services based in Dubai can help employers to choose the best medical insurance scheme out of many different alternatives available to them. Because of the familiarity of Dubai pro services with local insurance agents, they can assist employers to choose the most cost-effective and useful scheme.


Reinforcing the importance about pro services in Dubai, it is equally important to state that information are sometimes very hard to come by in Dubai despite every government bodies owning their websites with regulations, procedures, fees etc. and employers can only seek help and guidance from local expert pro services in Dubai for managing employees and running their businesses.


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