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In Dubai’s vibrant business core, IMC emerges as a pillar of support, propelling companies towards success with our comprehensive PRO services—your strategic ally for effortless business navigation and operational confidence.

Streamlining Your Business with PRO Services in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, it is imperative for every company to engage the expertise of a Government Liaison Officer, also commonly referred to as a Public Relations Officer or PRO.

The registration and formation of a company in Dubai involves several legal procedures with the Dubai Economy Development. To speed up these formalities, our experienced consultants provide exceptional PRO services in Dubai, UAE, guiding our clients with various public relation services, visa and business procedures, and other government-related tasks. We help you at every stage of your business inception to successfully running and handling a wide range of documentation clearing and PRO services in Dubai.

Experience hassle-free licensing, visa applications, and government services with IMC

Our team of experts will guide you through the complex process of obtaining and renewing licenses, visas, and permits in Dubai, allowing you to operate your business smoothly and efficiently.

As the premier PRO service provider in Dubai, we wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of delivering the highest standard of service. Our dedication to this commitment remains unwavering.

Companies we have worked with

Enhanced Trade Licensing and PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Securing a trade license is compulsory for anyone initiating a business in Dubai, as the Department of Economic Development (DED) requires. This license serves as your business’s legal identity and authorizes your commercial activities, ensuring compliance and access to government benefits. Our corporate PRO Services simplify the process of applying for and renewing your trade license, offering these services at reasonable prices.

Commercial Trade License

A Commercial Trade License is vital for entities engaged in buying and selling goods or services. It is available to businesses dealing with various products, whether general or specialized traders.

Industrial Trade License

For businesses involved in manufacturing, an Industrial Trade License is essential. Applicable to industries that handle everything from assembly to the transformation and repackaging of goods, this license requires companies to utilize local, imported, or synthetic raw materials. We also provide guidance on establishing a physical presence in the UAE, a prerequisite for this license.

Professional Trade License

Individuals and entities in professional sectors such as carpentry, arts, consulting, and more must obtain a Professional Trade License. This license is particularly advantageous for foreign investors, as it permits 100% ownership, promoting greater autonomy and control over business operations.

Why Choose IMC for Your PRO Services in Dubai?

Dedicated, Experience Professionals

Our team is ready to work on behalf of your business, and we constantly keep up-to-date with ongoing changes in regulations and laws.

Cost Benefits

Outsourcing your PRO services can save you up to 70% on staffing and administration costs.

Scope of Scalability

Our experience allows us to maximise your PRO effectiveness and shorten your PRO timelines.


Outsourcing PRO frees up your time so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

One-stop Shop

We offer comprehensive services, from visa processing and immigration support to document attestation and license renewals.

Fast and Efficient

Our team provides fast and efficient services to ensure that you get the support you need in a timely manner.

PRO Services

Unlock Your Business Potential! Outsource PRO Services Today.

Top Criteria for Selection of PRO Services
Local Presence
Streamline Process
Credibility & Reputation
Qualified & Experienced Team
PRO Services in Dubai – FAQs

What are PRO Services in Dubai?

All activities relating to Government regulatory procedures and related paperwork in Dubai fall under the PRO service category.

All companies need a Public Relations Officer (PRO) or PRO services to handle all the documentation required by various ministries, such as visa applications, trade licensing approvals, labor cards, etc. PRO services assist you throughout the complete cycle of procedures and various formalities, enabling you to have a hassle-free experience and a glitch-free business. PRO services also help you in getting tasks done in departments like the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Department of Economic Development (DED), Visa and Immigration Department, etc. These services ensure that the clients get maximum support while setting up a business and then for smooth functioning in Dubai.

There are multiple legal formalities that one needs to perform while registering and setting up a company in Dubai. Taking help from professional PRO services can quicken the registration process while giving you peace of mind.

How many days will it take for VISA stamping in UAE?

Visa stamping generally takes anywhere between 5 to 7 days. After your visa is stamped, you must wait for a message from the Emirates ID office. You would get an SMS mentioning the post office where you must collect the Emirates ID. To complete the visa stamping procedure, the Immigration Department would need the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Original Entry Permit or Employment VISA
  • Passport size photographs (x7)
  • Original medical certificate (post-medical test)
  • Applicable residence VISA fee
  • Residence visa forms that are duly signed and sealed by the sponsor
  • Completed or duly filled security form

Generally, the residence visa is stamped in the Passport within 5 working days and is valid for 2 years or 3 years, depending on the applicability.

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