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PRO is an acronym for Public Relations Officer and Dubai PRO services basically revolves around the objective of all government Liaison services. 

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Why Choose IMC for Your PRO Services in Dubai
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PRO Services in Dubai - FAQs

All activities relating to Government regulatory procedures and related paper works in Dubai fall under the PRO service category.

All the companies need a Public Relations Officer (PRO) or PRO services to handle all the documentation required by various ministries such as for visa application, trade licensing approvals, labor cards, etc. PRO services assist you throughout the complete cycle of procedures and various formalities to enable you to have a hassle-free experience and a glitch-free business. PRO services also help you in getting tasks done in departments like the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Department of Economic Development (DED), Visa and Immigration Department, etc. These services make sure that the clients get maximum support while setting up a business and then for smooth functioning of business in Dubai.

There are multiple legal formalities that one needs to perform while registering and setting up a company in Dubai. Taking help from professional PRO services can quicken the registration process while giving you the peace of mind.

You can only apply for a residence Visa in you are an investor owning a company in Dubai OR an expatriate employee in Dubai OR buy a property in Dubai.

If all your documents are in order and you clear the medical test, your passport will be stamped with residence Visa within 10 days.

Yes, all these documents need to be notarized, and furthermore, these documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign affairs, UAE.

In the usual scenario, there are two types of costs associated with a residency visa. These include free zone fees, which vary depending on the free zone, and the IMC consultation fee for tasks that we do on your behalf, including putting forth permit applications, dropping documents, and more.

No, visa formalities need to be completed at once as a person entering UAE via the entry permit cannot leave unless very formality is taken care of.

The number of visas depends on the size of the company and the workforce operating in the free zone.

It usually takes anywhere between 7 days to two weeks’ time to process a UAE residence visa, and it could be more in some cases. The processing time depends on, if you are applying via a free zone or LLC company. The required documents include the duly-filled application form, official offer letter, salary certificate, labour contract, an attested marriage certificate, the attested birth certificate of your children(if applying for dependant visa), three months’ bank statement and a tenancy contract.

Visa stamping generally takes anywhere between 5 to 7 days. After your visa is stamped, you need to wait to get a message from the Emirates ID office. You would get an SMS mentioning the post office where you need to go to collect the Emirates ID.

To complete the visa stamping procedure, the Immigration Department would need the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Original Entry Permit or Employment Visa
  • Passport size photographs (x7)
  • Original medical certificate (post medical test)
  • Applicable residence visa fee
  • Completed or duly-filled security form
  • Residence visa forms that are duly signed and sealed by the sponsor

Generally, the residence visa is stamped in the Passport within 5 working days and is valid for 2 years or 3 years depending on the applicability.

A residence visa in UAE is mandatory for all other nationalities, excluding UAE and GCC National Citizens. For almost all the expatriates, the company that is employing them would sponsor a UAE residence visa, and provide a labour card or a work permit.

Permanent residency is not available in Dubai as yet. However, there are some ways in which you can get a renewable residency visa in Dubai:

  1. Employment in UAE: In case you are employed in the UAE, your firm or company is responsible to give you a Residency Visa which is generally valid for 2 years or 3 year depending wether it si a freezone or LLC company and it should be renewed prior to its expiry.
  2. Business in UAE: If you set up your own company or business in UAE, then you are eligible to obtain a UAE residency visa through investor or partner visa, which is valid for 2 years and can be renewed after that.
  3. Property Investor: A property holder in U.A.E. is allowed to apply for residency.

The process of applying for the dependent visa, which would be valid anywhere between 1 to 3 years, is quite simple. There are four steps in this process: getting an entry permit, status adjustment, passing the medical fitness test and getting an Emirates ID registration and visa stamping.

Please note that before you apply, the entry criteria for your dependents or people you hope to sponsor should be met.

  • To sponsor your spouse or child, you should be earning the salary minimum mandated by each emirate (this amount varies in different emirates).
  • To sponsor your parents, you should earn a specified minimum salary which depends on each emirate. You should be renting an apartment or villa that has at least three bedrooms.
  • Dependent visas have a validity for different time periods, which depends on your designation. For instance, a visa for a house help or maid is valid only for one year.
  • Getting an Emirates ID registration and a medical fitness test is mandatory for everyone who want to reside in the UAE.

Any expatriate resident is allowed to sponsor his/her families in the UAE, if he/she has a valid residency permit. The male residents who are employed in the UAE are permitted to sponsor their immediate family members as per the pre-requisites that include minimum salary of Dh. 4000 or Dh. 3000 in addition to the accommodation.

You need to outsource a PRO services company for a number of reasons. Some of the important reasons are

  • PRO services make your business activities hassle-free and convenient through timely updates on any new and revised regulatory requirements and assuring timely compliance. The timely action and compliance can help you avoid lots of legal hassles and even penalties.
  • PRO services help you save a lot of your productive time you would have otherwise spent by visiting government and legal bodies, standing in queues for clearing documents, and spending time and resources to keep yourself updated on changing business rules and regulations. PRO services can fulfill all your business requirements and formalities in the shortest possible time and assist you to focus on more value-added and productive activities.
  • Hiring PRO services will make your expenses in document clearing and legal compliances more transparent and facilitate your business accounting. In the case of PRO services, all your business spends will be supported by valid bills, vouchers, and receipts.
  • PRO services will help you handle and keep all your documents in very reliable and trustworthy ways and prevent them from any unlawful and fraudulent use. All your valuable documents will thus be safe and secure.
  • Engaging well experienced and expert PRO services in UAE will keep your overall business cost down in terms of documentary procedures and other business formalities. Most of the UAE’s PRO services come at a very competitive price and ensure considerable savings in terms of time and mental comfort. If you opt for your internal Admin-PRO office, it will cost you much more in terms of salaries, perks, and other related costs.
  • PRO services will send timely reminders for all your mandatory compliance requirements for license and VISA renewals and save you from costly mistakes.
  • PRO service providers offer fast and efficient services due to their specific expertise in complex government processes that save costly waiting times. Moreover, many complex and hard paperwork can be unerringly handled by the PRO service team.

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