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Estate Planning

At IMC, we handle advisory services for Estate planning and management across borders worldwide.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is typically not on the top of people’s “to-do” lists so we help our clients through the process so it isn’t so daunting. We can work with your legal counsel to help you through the estate planning or distribution process. Additionally we have a network of attorneys with whom we work with when needed.

Whether you wish to leave a legacy to heirs or a favored organization, we help you develop a strategy that ensures your wishes are met while maximizing your potential wealth transfer. We provide trust and estate planning solutions designed to solve a wide range of multi-generational wealth transfer challenges.

Benefits of Estate Planning

  • Avoiding probate
  • Planning for and mitigating taxes
  • controlling how wealth is distributed
  • Planning for evolving situations
  • Protecting your assets
  • Addressing forced heir ship
  • Freeing yourself from managing your estate

Our Included service.

We helping client to create with our talented expert.

Personal Holdings

Special Purpose Vehicles

Estate Planning

Trusts Formation


Fiduciary Services

Dual Nationality & Residential Planning

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With services available to clients in all major international jurisdictions via our network partners we provide solutions in a secure, reliable, transparent and efficient environment that reflects the firm’s commitment to client service and leading industry knowledge.

For more comprehensive estate planning, our experience in providing advisory services in trust structures means that we can manage the seamless transition of the shares, from the clients’ personal estate to a trust or a foundation.


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