Private Limited Company Registration

Register a Singapore Private Limited Company

The most common type of business organisation in Singapore is a private limited company. It has a different legal position from its owners and directors, who have limited responsibility for the loans and expenses of the company, unlike commercial organisations like a partnership and sole proprietorships.

It is entitled to its property. Its name often includes “Pte Ltd” or “Ltd.” It is generally referred to as a company in the US or several European nations. Singapore’s top expert in Singapore business registration is IMC. You may use IMC to help with Singapore Private Limited Partnership registration with ACRA.

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Features of a Private Limited Company

  • A governing body distinct from its directors and shareholders
  • It may file a lawsuit or be sued under its name
  • Stockholders, with a baseline of 1 and a total of 50
  • A subsidiary company is eligible for local tax exemptions if it has not more than 20 shareholders and at least one shareholder is an individual with at least 10% of the total shares

Singapore Private Limited Company Prerequisites for Company Registration

  • At least one shareholder
  • A Singapore-registered office location
  • A specified minimum paid-up capital of s$1
  • One resident director
  • One company secretary

For eligible new start-up businesses, there is a tax exemption.

The Singaporean tax system gives help in the form of sizable exemptions to resident firms because it understands the value of easing cash flow for new businesses during their early years.

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FAQ on the Formation of Private Limited Companies

One of the main benefits of forming a private corporation is that it serves as an independent legal entity and is restricted by shares, in addition to the significant tax advantage and advantages of more than 100 thorough trade deals with jurisdictions worldwide. Therefore, beyond the value of their shares, stockholders of a Singapore corporation are not accountable for the firm’s debts and losses.

You must own a:

  • Copy of the prospective directors’ and shareholders’ passports showing their residential addresses
  • If the stakeholder is a corporate body, information about the parent firm is required to be furnished

These conditions are essential:

  • Initial paid-up ordinary shares of at least S$1 or similar in any currency
  • Once a registered director (whether it is a Singapore citizen, legal resident, Work Permit holder, or Dependant Pass holder)
  • One resident company secretary
  • And at least one shareholder may be an ordinary person or a corporate entity
  • The Singapore office address cannot be a PO Box

The subsequent actions are taken when these are satisfied.

  • Making a Business Structure Decision
  • Choosing a Company Name
  • Selecting a Company’s Commercial Activities
  • Build up a New Business with information on shareholding, board members, and the location
  • Introduce the Company Secretary
  • And the Auditor
  • Draft the Articles of Association and Memorandum
  • Obtain a business license, permits
  • Registered trademarks and customs clearance

There are several choices for business registration available to you if you are a foreign firm or a foreign citizen (entrepreneur, investor, etc.). However, forming a private limited partnership is the most common route for foreigners to launch businesses in Singapore.

Then, you may decide whether to go to Singapore (by applying for an Employment Pass) or form a business there and designate a nominated resident supervisor. Another choice is to use EntrePass, a part of the Start-up SG Talent program, to start a Singapore firm.

To start a business in Singapore, you must join a private limited company (the perfect solution).

These conditions are essential:

  • A minimum of one shareholder may be a natural person or a business
  • One registered director (whether it is a Singapore citizen, legal resident, Work Permit holder, or a Dependant Pass holder)
  • One initial paid-up ordinary share of minimum S$1, or comparable in any currency
  • One registered company secretary
  • An actual office address in Singapore; a PO Box is not acceptable
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