Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Singapore – Everything You Want to Know

Offering a full spectrum of professional accounting, tax, bookkeeping and payroll services for your convenience.

Clean and sorted books
Maintain accurate bookkeeping in Singapore

Accounting services at a reasonable cost

Accounting services at a reasonable cost

We manage your compliance tasks with IRAS and ACRA - Right from making your unaudited financial statements, or XBRL, and much more.
Proper bookkeeping

Proper bookkeeping

We cover your day-to-day bookkeeping and expense claims. We also scan all the receipts using latest cloud accounting software
Organised payroll processing

Organised payroll processing

We manage your payslips and also sort out your CPF and other matters like annual and medical leave, etc
Tax and Financial advise

Tax and Financial advise

We make sure to meet all your IRAS compliance requirements; be it ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) filing, or Form C, Form C-S, or GST filing

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Singapore’s accounting industry plays a pivotal role in the overall economy of this sovereign island. Accounting services in Singapore remain one of the most thriving industries in this city-state, with more than 500,000 companies registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, ACRA Singapore.

ACRA mandates all registered companies to file taxes with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, IRAS and accurate mandatory tax returns need all companies to arrange, update and maintain accurate books of accounts and in XRBL formats.

Accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore offer professional bookkeeping and accounting services to Singapore based and regional business entities. There are many areas of business where accounting firms in Singapore can provide value-added services, and these are not only limited to bookkeeping and accounting services. Some of these services include GST filing, Internal Auditing, Corporate finance, and advisory services in the areas of business recovery, liquidation, financial management, risk management, and corporate secretarial.

Singapore is a low tax developed and a free economy that is continuously strategizing on most attractive investor-friendly policies. Two major drivers of booming accounting services in Singapore are increased business activities in this region and, secondly, increasing demand for outsourcing accounting services from medium and small businesses.

How to Set Up a Local Company in Singapore

How ZOHO and XERO can help?

Zoho Xero Integration For Faster Money Flow

No single function in a business can survive in isolation and should collaborate with other functions as output from one becomes the input for another.

XERO is a cloud-based, cost-effective accounting system that is very user friendly and highly Intuitive to your accounting and finance needs.

ZOHO is also another cloud-based accounting software having unmatched features of invoicing sales & receipts and customer data management and an ability to integrate with XERO.

Once ZOHO & XERO are integrated, your sales team gets married to your accounts team eliminating double entries and making your business much faster and more productive.

Additional integration helps and allows more room for market trend analysis and a better understanding of customer needs and expectations, thus pushing your brand and business forward.

Although we can use either one as a standalone entity for connecting credit card transactions and online billing accounts, the XERO starter pack as its set of limitations and can manage only 20 transactions at once. ZOHO Books, regardless of the plan, support unlimited transactions and receipts each month.

If you would prefer distinguishing further, ZOHO makes room for all-inclusive receipts focusing on analytics, customer details, and better-invoicing format.

Get beautiful accounting software

We are a Xero Platinum Partner, which means that when you join us you get a Xero account that connects straight into your bank feed and gives you visibility of your financials 24/7, not just at month end.

Get the latest and best accounting software

As we partner with Zoho CRM, when you join us, you automatically get a Zoho account which connects directly into your bank feed and provides you the update and status of your financials any time and not just at month-end

ZOHO Books Implementation and Support

Types of Accounting Services

The needs of financial management keep changing with the changes in life cycles of businesses. Bookkeeping may suffice during the early stages of businesses as for startups. However, as businesses grow, more advanced management accounting normally comes into practice. As the objective of financial management shifts from mere compliances of statutory obligations to data-driven business decisions, requirements for accounting services also keep changing.

Accounting services offered in Singapore vary with customer-specific requirements and can be of different types, such as

  • Online Cloud accounting
  • Bookkeeping and Statutory Compliance
  • Internal Auditing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Part-time and full-time accounting
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Cost Accounting

Functions of Singapore Accounting Services

Accounting firms in Singapore cater to different functional needs of clients, namely

Human Resource Management

Accounting services often help in optimizing human capital cost and succession planning

  • Payroll Processing
  • Leave Application Processing
  • Database Management of Employees
  • Employee claims management
  • Insurance and Statutory deposits
Finance Management

Preparing financial statements, including Balance sheets, income statements, and Cash flow statements. Accounting firms in Singapore also assist in the following areas

  • Procurement and Supplies
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Customer/Supplier Order Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Billing
Customer Service Management

Value-added services are always on offer from Singapore accounting firms which includes

  • Internal Auditing of unaudited financial results
  • Sales Management including customer relationship management
  • Inventory Management and aiding in minimizing inventory carrying cost
  • Asset Management
Tax Management

Every ACRA registered company is required to comply with Singapore IRAS tax filing requirements. It is a dynamic regulatory control, and every company must keep up-to-date with the changing regulations. Services offered are filing of annual tax return, advice on estimate chargeable income filing, preparation and submission of corporate tax computation, application of tax waiver and tax clearance, and attending queries from IRAS

GST Management

All businesses exceeding a turnover of S$ 1 million need to be GST registered in Singapore. The services offered are GST Registration and filing of GST returns.

Selecting the Right Accounting Services

With so many options available in choosing accounting firms in Singapore, it becomes really difficult to select the right one for your business needs. However, below are a few criteria that can help determine potential accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore

  • Cost of outsourcing
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness
  • Credibility and Reputation
  • Level of digitalization
  • Certifications, experiences, and qualifications
  • Recommendations and referrals
  • Clients served
  • Duration of market presence

Benefits of Singapore Accounting Services

Outsourcing accounting services in Singapore can offer a handful of benefits

  • Reduce Costs

Outsourcing business accounting services can save you a lot of money. The hiring of internal accountants, accounts manager, and a CFO generally involves a lot of employee expenses apart from other indirect expenses arising out of administrative cost and statutory regulations of Singapore labor laws. It also becomes a fixed cost and takes away a competitive business advantage.

  • Optimize Time Management

Business owners and top management executives normally carry out multitasking, including product and service development, marketing management, CRM, and risk management, to name a few. Outsourcing accounting services can free their time from accounting-related issues, and administrative follow up and assessment of internal accounts teams. Their time can be more constructively used in business and strategy development, product and service quality improvement, business expansion, etc.

  • Experienced and Expert services

Internally hired accounting professionals often lack total accounting expertise and taxation experience resulting in regulatory compliance issues and lost money in tax incentives and tax exemptions. Once you outsource the best accounting services in Singapore, your accounts are handled by a team of experts with industry-wide knowledge easing business and tax compliances with possible monetary benefits.

  • Reduction in Stress level

With your internal accounting team, there may be a constant need for employing new employees through employee search, interview, etc. and putting additional cost burden on the HR department. Assessing the periodic performance of internal accountants with decisions on their incentives, leaves, and promotions will further add a lot of complexities. Hiring a Singapore accounting firm will be a onetime affair and can keep you free and relaxed, and make you more productive.

  • Keeping yourself updated

Outsourcing the best accounting services in Singapore will keep you abreast of the latest changes in statutory rules and regulations stipulated by ACRA and accounting and financial standards. This will result in fast and timely compliance and help you avoid possible penalties.

  • Advisory Services

Once you outsource your accounting services, you have options for other value-added services like internal audits, periodic analysis of financial statements, and appropriate measures through timely decision making, GST services, and long term tax planning.

Singapore Accounting Service Industry Scenarios in Post Covid 19

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has forced the entire world to accept virtuality as the new reality, and the accounting service industry is no exception. Accounting firms that could readily respond to the threats of COVID 19 are those who have embraced technological innovations in the field of cloud accounting.

Singapore today has one of the lowest COVID cases and fatalities globally because of the effective and timely measures adopted by the authorities. Restrictions are put across all areas of daily life and industrial activities, including accounting practices and related businesses.

Though the COVID 19 circuit breaker has been discontinued from June 2020, there are safe Management guidelines to be followed for accounting firms with new working methods of work from home, flexible working hours and alternate days of physical attendance. Singapore is a developed and well-digitalized economy and encourages accounting firms to embrace smart technological innovations like artificial intelligence.

Accounting service businesses will need to be more technology-driven and should include

  • Online Client onboarding

It is no more sharing of documents online; account firms need to get their clients on board in a digital way. Client onboarding automatically results in improved client retention and a higher degree of client satisfaction by understanding clients’ needs and expectations and ensuring they are satisfied.

There is software available that can help automate the client onboarding process by collecting and managing information from clients.

  • Switching over to Cloud-based accounting

Cloud-based accounting is already prevalent in Singapore, and now all small firms, including startups, should start using online cloud accounting, the future of accounting service business serving you anytime and anywhere.

  • Virtual Communication and collaboration

With social distancing becoming the new normal, the Singapore accounting firms will gradually shift from the real world to the virtual world. Virtual Communication through online video meetings with customers is going to be reality. Online collaboration shall also take center stage with groups representing customers, suppliers, accounting service providers, and government executives.

  • Forming Online Support Teams

Assigning the best teams with a number of experts for individual clients will help the Singapore accounting firms to be competitive in the real world .


Embracing new technologies with organizational restructuring will determine the ultimate business success and assure a competitive advantage over their peers for all accounting services company in Singapore.

Singapore Accounting Services FAQ's

1. What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

The purpose of bookkeeping is to keep the records of a company’s financial transactions systematically, whereas the purpose of accounting aims at providing timely management support in crucial business decisions by examining a company’s financial situation. If Accounting is the set, then bookkeeping becomes a sub-set.

2. How to compile financial statements?

All business enterprises, small and big alike, must evaluate the financial health of their businesses on a regular basis.

A financial statement essentially comprised of a Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss Account, and Cash Flow Statements. Financial statements are prepared for investors, creditors, government regulators, and management of a company and take important, timely management decisions.

The compilation of financial data and preparation of financial statements are normally done by accounting personnel in a company. Financial statements are then reviewed and audited to confirm the reliability of data used and validation of the statements in entirety.

3. What is XBRL Format?

XBRL is an extensible business reporting language used to communicate business data between a sender and a receiver. Singapore government has made it mandatory for every company to report its financial statements in XBRL format only. This format makes it easy to analyze submitted data and make forecasts on financial trends. It is a freely available global framework of accounting standards used for exchanging business information.

4. What is Corporate Accounting?

Corporate accounting is a special branch of accounting that deals with accounting for the companies, preparation of their final accounts and cash flow statements, analysis and interpretation of the company’s financial results, and accounting for specific events like amalgamation, absorption, etc.

Client onboarding is the process a company uses to introduce new clients online to their products or services.

5. Who are Singapore resident agents?

They are Singapore nationals or permanent residents or holders of employment pass. You need two of them as your employees while opening a branch office in Singapore.

6. What is the financial year-end in Singapore?

Each company in Singapore has to determine its own financial year-end. It is the completion of an accounting period and doesn’t need to fall on 31st December only.

7. Is XBRL format mandatory to file financial reports in Singapore?

Yes, it is mandatory for all companies either limited or unlimited by shares as stipulated by ACRA in June 2013.

8. Why has the XBRL format been introduced?

The XRBL format has been introduced as it has major advantages over other forms of financial reporting and analysis. The benefits are easy automation, speed, reliability, and accuracy.

9. Why is corporate accounting necessary?

Corporate accounting is carried out to communicate the assets and liabilities of a firm to its shareholders. This also ensures that the business activities stay in tune with its organizational policies.

10. Is it safe to outsource my accounting services?

Yes, it is provided you have selected a trustworthy and reputable accounting firm.

11. What is an annual return?

It is an online submission of your return that your investment provides over a period of time expressed as a time-weighted annual percentage. In Singapore, the deadline for filing an annual return is within 30 days from the date of the Annual General Meeting, AGM.

12. Is transferring money from Singapore possible?

Yes, it is possible to transfer money from Singapore as this city-state signed double taxation treaties with more than 50 countries. It helps businesses and individuals to avoid double taxation on their cross border income.

13. Are donations taxes deductible in Singapore?

Yes, some tax-deductible donations are cash donations, Artifact donations, public art tax incentive schemes, shares donations, land and building donations, and computer donations.

14. Are there any specific requirements that accounting practices need to fulfill in Singapore before the resumption of operations in post covid19?

Accounting practices need to comply with the following requirements to resume operations

  • Submission of manpower details via the GoBusiness portal within two weeks of resumption of operations.
  • Complying with safe management measures in accordance with safe Management requirements guidelines failing which their operations will be suspended.
  • Adopt telecommuting or work from home to the maximum extent.

15. Do accounting practices need to apply for an exemption to resume operations as Singapore exits the circuit breaker after 1st June 2020?

There is no need for accounting practices to apply for exemptions once the safe Management guidelines issued are religiously adhered to.

16. Can my employees go to our clients' premises to perform accounting and taxation work?

It is only permitted when work from home is not feasible like physical inventory checking, assessments on fixed assets, the sighting of original documents, etc. subject to the Auditor’s permission in high-risk areas.

Flexible and reasonable pricing for all types of businesses

S.No Coverage Price/Month Price/Annum


Dormant Company/Small Company (Revenue Upto S$ 120,000/year)  

$ 100 / Month


$ 1200/year

Bookkeeping and management acounts
ECI Filing
Form C-S
Payroll for 1-employee
Upto-10 Transactions / month
Upto - 30 receipts/month
Preparation of Directors' Statement and Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statement as per SFRS
Zoho single currency subscription


Startup Company (Revenue upto S$250,000 /year)  

$ 150 / Month


$ 1800/year

Bookkeeping and management acounts
ECI Filing
Form C-S
Payroll for 4-employee
Upto-20 Transactions / month
Upto - 60 receipts/month
Preparation of Directors' Statement and Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statement as per SFRS
Zoho single currency subscription
Full XBRL Reporting


Small Medium Enterprise Company (Revenue upto S$300,000 /year)  



$ 3600/year

Bookkeeping and management acounts
ECI Filing
Form C-S or Form C
Payroll for 8-employee
Upto-50 Transactions / month
Upto - 100 receipts/month
Preparation of Directors' Statement and Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statement as per SFRS
Zoho single currency subscription
Full XBRL Reporting


Large Company (Revenue more than S$300,000/year)  

$ 500 / Month


$ 6000/year

Bookkeeping and management acounts
ECI Filing
Form C-S or Form C
Payroll for 12-employee
Upto-100 Transactions / month
Upto - 150 receipts/month
Preparation of Directors' Statement and Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statement as per SFRS
Zoho single currency subscription
Full XBRL Reporting

In case you need assistance with a one-time task, we are there to help you with your accounting efforts.

Ad-hoc and rescue jobs

  • GST registration: $500
  • Unaudited financial statements: from $750
  • Group Unaudited Financial Statements: from $1,500
  • Consolidation of Group Accounts: from $2,500
  • Reconstruction of accounts
  • Preparing and filing ECI, Form C-S, Form C: $750
  • Preparing and filing full XBRL: from $200
  • Strike off: from $1,000
  • Audit compliance/assistance: N.A
  • Tax simulation

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