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We at IMC Group are leading due diligence service providers in India. We pride ourselves on our senior experts led teams that have unparalleled global experience. We can analyse the crucial aspects of your business or the target company you wish to invest in.

Our Due Diligence Process


We carefully review your study documents.


We look at sources of advertising and recruitment to determine how many potential participants can be accessed.


We consider every eligibility criterion and aspect of the study design for its impact on enrollment.


We guarantee recruitment by combining our findings into a model of enrollment.

Due Diligence Services We Offer

Commercial Due Diligence

Our M&A due diligence consultants have experience in both the buy-side and vendor side of transactions, giving them a unique perspective on the due diligence process. They help clients understand how to structure their deal, what issues to look out for, and how to target hidden opportunities.

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Why Choose IMC for Due Diligence Services in India

We provide an unhampered and fact-based analysis of the potential target’s most critical issues. Our wide network enables us to help our clients develop a perfect assessment of key industry performance issues. We base our due diligence approach on these four pivotal principles:

Clear Objectives

Our due diligence process is established on a strong foundation with clear objectives and parameters. We also assist our customers in defining project terms of reference.

Scientific Approach

We rely on time-tested methods to put in place the details of the existing scenario and the investment objectives. We then find out the impact of the proposed investment and other competencies.


We strive to provide our clients with an unbiased and professional opinion supported by evidence. In case of difference of opinion, we make sure we express it clearly.


We ensure that the clients and their data are fully confidential and safe. As a measure of caution, we have stringent security and control policies in place.

Due Diligence Brochure
Why You Should always be Doing Ongoing Due Diligence for Potential Partners?
Key Client Questions

Businesses which are looking to maximize the value of an acquisition need to consider the following questions.

We offer in-depth due diligence in all the areas – financial, legal, compliance, and operational. Each due diligence methodology is tailored as per the specific requirements and business needs of our clients. Get in touch with us to request a quote for our due diligence services.

FAQs on Due Diligence Services

Why is due diligence important?

Due diligence guarantees that M&A decisions are well-informed. It outlines the level of risk involved in a transaction and points out any warning signs that might put the deal on hold.

Who carries out due diligence?

Due diligence is typically conducted by the acquiring party, investors, or their representatives, such as financial advisors, legal experts, and consultants.

What is the due diligence process?

The due diligence process is a thorough investigation or examination conducted by one party (often a buyer or investor) into the details and financial health of another party (typically a seller or target company) before entering into a business transaction, such as a merger, acquisition, investment, or partnership. This process aims to assess the risks, opportunities, and potential liabilities associated with the transaction.

What is checked in the due diligence process?

The responsible parties, their subcontractors, and both current and potential business partners are evaluated during due diligence. It includes red flags, negative coverage in the global press, balance sheets, Budgets, assets, and liabilities, company reputation quality assurance, stockholders, board members, and beneficiaries.

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