Compliance functions are evolving rapidly as technology changes.
How We Can Help You?
  • Robust tool that helps you easily manage compliance requirements
  • Enhancing visibility & accountability
  • Reducing the information & knowledge gap
  • Automated compliance tracker with reminders, escalations, and reporting capabilities
  • Automated workflows, dashboards, and reports
  • Ensures full compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Avoids penalties, prosecution and litigation
  • Helps you implement technology to improve your business processes and controls
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Strengthen Corporate Governance, Manage Enterprise Risks Effectively

What IMC Offer?
Reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of compliance programs
Help create a comprehensive document repository for compliance information
Provide specialized compliance services including VAT, AML, FDA Compliances etc.
Conduct corporate compliance and regulatory training
Assist to create effective compliance policies and procedures
Providing consultation on regulatory requirements
Designing compliance programs with internal controls
Help track compliance violations and identify costs involved
Benchmark Compliance Framework
Benchmark client’s compliance framework practices with industry-leading practices to identify critical deficiencies
Assist in developing a roadmap for implementing and strengthening the client’s compliance frameworks

From complex compliance to clear pathways:
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