IMC Group Companies

Yourglobalpro, part of the IMC Group, is an online marketplace created to connect you to the right professionals in about 65 countries today. It covers business services such as corporate and legal compliance, tax advice, accounting, auditing and similar services required to establish a new business or maintain ongoing entities. Each Partner goes through validation and interview process before they are on board. The promoters of YourGlobalPro have been both – providers as well as users of cross-border services. Many of our customers had challenges connecting to the right and trusted professional overseas, thus was conceived to address this pain point. YourGlobalPro understands the need for a trusted professional and connects you with the right one.


Proteam Outsourcing, part of the IMC Group, offers an extensive range of Accounting, Taxation and Financial Outsourcing Services, customized to address the needs of both big and medium-sized companies around the globe. We offer simplified solutions which in turn save your valuable time and cost. With our international presence and pragmatic approach, our clients are advised by our team of proficient experts that possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of various requirements of the various sectors. As business advisors in the global environment, we assist our clients to make lasting improvements to their business performance and realise their most important goals.

Proteam Tech is headquartered at India and is a technology and consulting company with a focus on BPM Consulting, Robotics Process Automation, Cloud Enablement and CRM Consulting. We enable our clients or various software-driven firms from across the industry in designing solutions to digitize and transform their business by using new technologies.


Cognilytic came into inception at the cusp of technological advances in cognitive science and cutting edge data analytics.Our highly skilled battle hardened team comes with decades of experience in finance, accounting, procurement and logistics processes and industries across Manufacturing, Retail, e-Commerce, Oil & Gas having undergone multi-tiered digital transformation programs globally. Coupled with our research driven artificial intelligence, machine learning and technology teams who have been handpicked to bring this revolution called Cognilytic to life.


Our business trade finance solutions, offers you flexibility, which many banks and other lends won’t provide. Don’t worry about paying extra for our services. Altcapital provides financial solutions, Receivable Financing Vendor Financing, End-to-end Financing, Voyage Financing. Other than these services, we also help businesses with factoring and supply chain management.