Global Employee Benefits Solutions

Onboard, pay and offer country-specific benefits to your global team

Hiring and retaining the best talent is a key to business success and outperforming competition. This holds even more significance for companies that operate in multiple countries and have to cater to the employees’ requirements in each market.

Offering attractive global benefits packages to your employees can keep them motivated and fulfilled. But since your global workforce is unique, it may have its own benefits challenges.

IMC Group recognizes the challenges you face in the management of global employee benefits. Therefore, we support you in developing benefits and reward strategies that meet global HR standards and are in line with the local competitive and regulatory requirements.

Benefits for Your Global Workforce

IMC Group offers global employee benefits solutions in over 160 countries that includes pensions, health insurance, group life insurance, voluntary benefits and health and wellness solutions.

We assist you to create the most appropriate, smart and customized cross-border employee benefits solutions. Our high-quality employee benefits solutions are designed to suit your business objectives and reduce the complexity of managing local and international workforce.

We help you deliver a people-first benefits strategy on a global or regional scale.

Best-In-Class Employee Benefits for Everyone, Everywhere

We understand the complexities involved in navigating local employment laws and managing benefits in multiple countries and jurisdictions. Therefore, we partner with you to offer localized support while ensuring that you remain compliant with local laws and regulations.

We assist you in building a comprehensive and compliant employee benefits package to support your international employment strategy.

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Customised Employee Benefits Solutions

We aim to create the most relevant global employee benefits solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your employees now and in the future. You get the freedom to shape employee benefits centred around your employees' financial goals and future aspirations.

Empower Your People with a Holistic and Forward-Looking Benefits Strategy

In order to sustain the competition, it is essential that your employees feel secure and well-protected while working in remote locations. Offering modern, attractive and competitive benefits packages can help you attract and retain the best talent across the globe and build a culture of trust, empowerment and belongingness.

Global Expertise Combined with Local Know-How

Owing to our local knowledge from a global network of trusted partners and vast experience, we deliver impactful global benefits management solutions that meet local and international employee benefits needs.

Smarter Insights, Smarter Benefits

Our data-driven approach enables us to quickly respond to changes and our global network enables us to deliver smart benefits. Our market-leading benefits services which are driven by data-led insights enable you to automate administration, engage employees, track performance and do much more.

Establish Globally and Compete Locally

As a part of our global employee benefits services, we deliver high-quality and sustainable employee benefits that help you to compete locally. We take into account the local customs, nuances and regulations while framing our global benefits strategy.

Focus on your people. We will do the rest.

IMC Group can help you build effective global employee benefits plan to help you attract and retain top talent in the market. We take care of all your international benefit requirements, from statutory benefits to supplementary perks. We take all the responsibility so that you can focus on running your business.

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A customisable and flexible global benefits package that caters to the specific needs of your employees can help satisfy them. Such a package lets your employees pick the benefits that make more sense for them.

Yes, of course, we can help you manage employee benefits in multiple countries ensuring that you are complying with every nation’s statutory benefits and local laws.

Reach out to IMC Group for creating attractive and most relevant global employee benefits packages that suit the varying needs of your employees. We create employee benefits packages for each specific market to help you stay competitive.

We offer a wide range of retirement and benefits services that are relevant across the globe. These include life insurance, health insurance, wellness and health plans, pension, group benefits, retirement plans, etc.

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