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Facing the challenges of compliance, taxation, and other obstacles while paying your global workforce?

We are here to help!

IMC Group offers global payroll solutions that help you effectively manage payroll and pay your global workforce with ease.

We assist in onboarding, managing, and paying employees and contractors around the world.

Payroll is More than Pay Checks

Global payroll does not stop when your employees get paid. It is much more than processing payments to employees. It is a strategic asset that enables you to hire, onboard and pay top talent quickly, easily and in full compliance all over the world.

With robust technology and unprecedented control of international payroll processes, our unified international payroll solutions drive business progress.

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One Unified Payroll Platform For Multi-Country Payroll

Manage payroll in over 160 countries with our global payroll services that ensure intelligent process automation, compliance beyond borders, and insights that take your business to newer heights. 

Our automated unified payroll software helps you consolidate all your payroll operations on one cloud platform across the world thus delivering unmatched data visibility and control while reducing errors and total processing time.

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helping customers globally.

Pay Your Employees Compliantly at the Right Time, Across Regions

Ensure compliance with international labor laws with our global payroll solution that is accurate, accessible, & adaptable and ready for any legislative and organizational changes. We keep you compliant as per the local country laws by making all the necessary declarations to the government on your behalf including onboarding, time off, local benefits, deductions, tax filing and offboarding.

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Streamline Your Global Payroll Processing

Streamline your international payroll process whilst ensuring fast, accurate and on-time payments. We help you streamline workflows, eliminate human errors, and pay your workforce on time no matter where they live. We centralize and coordinate your global payroll cycle by acting as your local team on the ground and handling all administrative requirements.

Get The Help From Our In-Country Payroll Professionals

Our in-country payroll experts, vetted partners and global support teams spanning across 160 diverse markets can handle every pay cycle with confidence and resolve all your international payroll related queries.

With vast experience in operational payroll, compliance and implementation across an array of industries, our dedicated international payroll team can offer bespoke support to ensure your staff gets paid accurately.

Reduce Administration Headaches and Payroll Costs with Fully Managed Payroll Solutions

Payroll administration is a specialized function and in-house administration can often be costly. Hiring a global payroll service provider like IMC Group can help you minimise the cost and reduce your admin burden.

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Our Global Payroll Solutions

Internationall Payment

International Payments

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions

Tax Returns

Pension Collection

Pension Collections


Benefit administration

Benefit Administration

Expense Management

Time off Management


Bonuses and other incentives

Reporting & compliance

Reporting & Compliance

Secure storage

Secure Document Storage

Our Global Payroll Management Approach

Discuss and implement the best payroll strategy for your company

Enter into an engagement contract

Onboard your global teams

Set up payroll information and initiate payroll solutions

Distribute payroll to all your employees

Maintain communication with local authorities

Improve Your Global Payroll Efficiency with IMC Group

Take your global business forward with our one-stop global payroll solutions that let you view your global payroll in real-time, track workforce performance, track compliance requirements, standardize processes and drive operational improvements.

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Helping an MNC to become Fastest Growing Start Ups


We provide fully managed payroll solutions and offer assistance with employee or contractor hiring and onboarding, workforce payments, government declarations, taxes, compliance, calculations and more.

An international payroll service provider can help you manage your global teams. Some of the benefits of hiring them include:

  • Access talent from across the globe
  • Create a positive employee experience
  • Minimise the cost of administration and HR
  • Make every payday hassle-free and smooth
  • Ensure timely payments to your global workforce
  • Ensure full compliance with local regulations
  • Provide competitive local benefits

Yes, when you hire us as your global payroll partner, we take responsibility of withholding all payroll taxes and employee income taxes, and making required declarations to the respective local income tax authorities.

Yes, when you hire us as your global payroll partner, we take responsibility of all compulsory employer contributions and employee benefits such as pension schemes, workers’ compensation, contributions to insurance, etc.

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