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Onboard, manage and pay contracts quickly and easily in 160 countries. 

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IMC Group provides solutions for all your contractor needs. We help you grow remote and international teams effortlessly.

Our AI-enabled, automated and fully compliant contractor management platform enables you to hire and onboard global contractors seamlessly. Our easy to use platform helps you to hire, manage, pay and provide benefits to contractors across the globe in minutes. With the help of our online dashboard, you can create, send and sign contracts electronically in just a few clicks.

Let Us Deal With Contractors

Let us deal with contractors while you deal with your core business

Our services help you to automate the entire process right from onboarding to invoicing, payments and compliances. The time saved in these lengthy processes can be effectively used in growing your business.

Our local legal experts around the world keep abreast with the constantly changing local labor laws to keep your every contract up-to-date.

Our contractor solutions help you reduce the time you spend paying contractors worldwide and offer them an exceptional experience with hassle-free payment methods. Wherever in the world are your contractors, you can pay them in one convenient invoice.

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Unlock the Power of Onboarding Global Contractors with IMC Group

Manage Contractors with IMC Group

We help you to hire and onboard contractors worldwide, that too quickly and smoothly with one single online platform. This enables you to explore international talent at a blazing speed. 

We extend our support throughout the lifecycle of contractors hired whether for short term or term projects.

Our local expertise coupled with support from experienced professionals helps us to keep you compliant in countries all over the world.

Regardless of the location, we ensure that your contractor onboarding process is completely transparent and exceptional.

Our contractor management services are very cost-effective and flexible.

We ease contractor payroll worldwide. Our global contractor management solutions eliminate the need to hire multiple in-country experts, multiple points of communication and varied payment platforms.

Our Contractor Management Process

We have a full-proof process to hire and onboard international contractors.

Regardless of the location, we ensure that your contractor onboarding process is completely transparent and exceptional.

Use our local, compliant contracts or get your own contract

Your contractor submits their invoice through our platform

Approve the single payment request generated for all your contractors

Your contractors get paid in their local currency

Hire International Contractors

Hire International Contractors With IMC Group

IMC Group can help you hire international contractors. We act as your dedicated partner to fast-track your growth in the international market. With our simple, straightforward, and fast contractor solutions, we can hire and onboard contractors in as little as 48 hours.

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Yes, we can assist you to hire and onboard international contractors with our full suite of services related to global hiring and international expansion.

Hiring international contractors comes with its own share of risks but IMC Group strives to limit those risks. One of the easiest ways to eliminate these risks is to hire full-time international employees.

You can hire and onboard international contractors with IMC Group starting at just $___ per contractor, per month.

You choose to pay in the below-mentioned payment methods:

  • Credit card payment
  • Debit card payment
  • Direct debit payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Wise account transfer

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