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The evolving workplace, driven by the gig economy and AI, is reshaping global accounting. The shift from transactional outsourcing to strategic partnerships reflects resource scarcity.
IMC actively shapes the modern work landscape, offering a fresh approach to accounting outsourcing. With 15+ years of experience, our tailored solutions distinguish us as market leaders, providing Managed FTE solutions for efficiency and an Automation Partner for on-cloud/desktop integration and workflow automation.

Enhanced Full-Time Employee (FTE) Management Solution

All tasks undergo a two-level (four-eyed) review, streamlining your review process and promoting time efficiency.

Our CPA Tax Preparation Outsourcing Process

Receipt of Documents

Receive tax organizer/source documents/financial statements and identify missing information.

Verification for 3C’s

Analyse documents for Correctness, Consistency, and Completeness (3C’s).

Tax Preparation

Send estimates using the client’s Tax software, entering data in accordance with Tax laws.

Review & Submit

Review the accuracy and validity of the return, submitting PDFs to the client for approval.

Confirmation and Filing

Upon receiving confirmation from the client, submit the return to the revenue authority.

Benefits of Outsourced Tax Preparation

Access to Qualified Staff

Strengthen Your Business

Strategic Planning

Stay on Top of Changing Tax Landscape

Increase Productivity

Profitability Boost

USA Tax Outsourcing Brochure

Download our Tax Outsourcing Brochure Today to Simplify your Tax Management Process with Ease using Our Gateway

Why Choose IMC for Outsourced Tax Preparation Services

Cost Reduction

Experience significant cost savings with IMC's top-notch tax preparation services, elevating profit margins and minimizing additional expenses.

Process Standardization

IMC ensures a standardized tax planning process, enhancing efficiency and making tax planning outsourcing a seamless operation for your business.

Diverse Talent Pool

Benefit from IMC's dedicated team of tax experts proficient in handling various complex tax returns, delivering exquisite tax preparation outsourcing tailored to your specific demands.


We prioritize reliability and uphold data confidentiality. Our use of trusted software and a team of responsible professionals ensures the security of your information.

Professional Advice

IMC provides expert tax planning solutions, ensuring eligibility for maximum deductions. Our professional team validates criteria for credits and deductions, offering tailored consultancy for outstanding benefits and personalized assistance.

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