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Corporate Restructuring in India

Corporate Restructuring refers to the process of reorganising the legal ownership, operational or other structures of a company. In today’s times, more and more companies are facing financial difficulties because of increase in the competition and globalization. Regulatory challenges further have serious repercussions on the performance of a company. For such companies, survival and sustaining themselves for a long period of time becomes increasingly difficult with the passage of time. For this reason, corporate restructuring services come into the picture to help such companies recover their normal operational status.

IMC Group is a leading provider of corporate restructuring services in India. We possess the requisite skills to restructure businesses that are experiencing financial difficulties and are looking to rebuild their corporate performance. We perform an independent professional assessment that enables us to provide value-added solutions to our clients.

Corporate Restructuring Services Offered by IMC Group

  • Lead Financial Advisory
    We provide comprehensive financial advice to companies, their lenders and stakeholders to support a range of financial requirements. The process involves assistance in the design, negotiation and implementation of agreed transactions.
  • Independent Business Reviews
    Whether you are a company looking for answers to your under performance or a company that has an interest in another business, we can review your business model. Our services are customised to specific circumstances of each situation so we can make an accurate assessment of your performance.
  • Business Planning
    A robust business plan is the primary requisite for the stakeholders that can serve as the foundation on which the corporate restructuring is proposed. Our team of qualified professionals can review key systems, controls and processes to assist you in developing specific aspects of the business plan.
  • Operational Restructuring
    A successful corporate restructuring solution requires some form of operational change and performance improvement. Our experts are efficient in delivering tangible and sustainable benefits to improve the value of the company and enhance the profits.
  • Other Services
    • Designing Debt Restructuring Strategies
    • Establishing Liquidity Improvement Plan
    • Sourcing for External Funding
    • Managing Divestment and Investment Processes
    • Crisis Management
    • Examinership and Receiverships
    • Creditor Advisory

Why Choose Us?

We at IMC Group have a highly qualified team of experts with an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of corporate restructuring. With our technical knowledge and commercial insight, we can provide the needed support to any stakeholder in a financially distressed situation. We can design a plan for a variety of scenarios with our contingency planning skills. We study your existing business situation and based on that can analyse what multiple options of restructuring exist for you. We discuss the pros and cons of each such plan and involve you in the process so you can collectively stay informed.

If you need help with corporate restructuring, get in touch with IMC Group. We will provide you with fresh insight and execute your strategic change management plan.