Amendments in Trade License in UAE

It is difficult to predict when you may need to change the name of your business in UAE. This need may never occur for some businesses.

On the other hand, some businesses might need to change trade name in Dubai after running a business for a set period, due to various reasons.

Change in Services or Products

The name of a company may include the name of the products or services offered by the business. In this scenario, if you want to sell different types of products or want to offer different types of services, then it may become necessary to change your business’ trade name.

Curtailing a Company’s Name

The name of your company may be too long to remember for the customers or clients. In this scenario, you may change trade name in Dubai to something that is comprehensible and memorable alongside being unique and relevant to the business operations.

General Name

It may become necessary to change a company’s name that does not uniquely represent a brand. These days, it is crucial for any business to create a unique identity on online platforms and you may need to change a business’ trade name to create a unique identity.

There are various other scenarios when you may need to change a company’s name in UAE. For example, you may want to change a company’s name if it is a non-copyrightable name. You may even want to change a company’s name for rebranding or complicated spelling. Irrespective of the reason, you have to file various documents for trade license name change in UAE. A company’s name is mentioned in the corporate documents. Hence, you may need to submit the following documents if you want to amend the trade license in UAE. Additionally, you can always hire the services of a professional company such as IMC Group to do the needful:

Business License


Articles of Association

Share Certificate

Our professionals handling the business dealings will have to send these documents to a registrar, as it may become necessary to amend these documents. A registration authority may even ask for additional documents during the process. You may even be asked to provide a shareholder’s resolution that includes a company’s newly approved name. Providing a notarized and attested ‘Board Resolution’ from a parent company is necessary for the trade license name change in Dubai if it is a subsidiary business.

It may be needed to send a ‘justification letter’ detailing the reason behind changing a company’s name. It is prudent to consult with a business consultant or a registrar before starting the procedures pertaining to trade license name change in UAE, as you may need to submit some specified documents.

The company will need to submit an additional document if the business is regulated by any special authority or ministry. In this scenario, the business owners or their representatives have to present a NOC from the relevant government departments or public authorities. The fee for the amendment of a trading license depends upon the discretion of a registration authority. The registration process may be completed within a few days or a few weeks depending upon the unique needs of the licensing procedure.

It is essential to publish an advertisement in a local or national newspaper with regards to the trade license name change in Dubai once the company has submitted all documents. This advertisement is supposed to inform the readers with regards to the altered name of a business. The company may even ask the Registration Authority for assistance with regards to the advertisement.

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We will help you avail the original documents before the newspaper advertisement. 14 days after the advertisement, the Registration Authority is going to update the corporate register and issue amended license along with the articles of association, memorandum and essential corporate documents.

In some scenarios, the Registration Authority may issue a certificate that is going to include the altered name of a business. You can collect the originals of the amended corporate documents after the completion of entire process and may start operating a business under the new name.

A business’ operating name is used for advertising, sales and everyday activities. If the legal name of your business is different from the operating name, then it may become necessary to alter both legal and operating names if you plan to change trade name in Dubai.

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