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IMC specialises in consulting and advisory services in the financial domain. Besides CFO Advisory Services, we provide our clients with up-to-date financial records, live data accessibility, accurate statutory report in the least possible time and tailor-made bookkeeping solutions.
About IMC Advisory

IMC CFO advisory team has vast experience and knowledge and is committed to and passionate about helping CFOs solve current and future financial problems.

We advise our clients on financial value creation and optimization, including major transformation projects and strategic initiatives. It also provides the clients with the necessary digitization and automation requirements of finance functions.

Challenges Faced by Today's CFOs

Several challenges often accompany the expanded roles and responsibilities of today’s CFOs. IMC CFO advisory can design and implement customized solutions to effectively address these challenges related to Strategic Financial Planning, Liquidity Management, Regulatory & Compliance requirements, Identifying Growth Opportunities and Maintaining Investors Relations.
Rating & Debt Advisory
Hiring and retaining talents
Optimize usage of finance data
Growth and Value creation in finance
Risk Management and Corporate Governance
Financial Analysis & Reinvesting in finance capabilities
Expanding company-wide financial and tax awareness
Producing error-free and timely reports on financial close
Strategizing financial activities and preparing Business Plan

Why Choose IMC for CFO Services in Dubai?

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Why Choose CFO Services?
Challenges Faced by Today's CFOs.
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Benefits of Outsourced CFO Services in UAE

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CFO Services in Dubai - FAQs

How does a chief financial officer (CFO) operate in a small business?

CFO services assist small businesses with financial expertise that is affordable. Essential services include improving your business, preparing financial statements, generating relevant reports, assisting with budgeting and forecasting, and monitoring progress against budgets.

What are Virtual CFO services?

Outsourced CFO or fractional CFO services involve hiring a highly qualified professional to perform CFO tasks offsite through modern communication. The services are provided at a fraction of the cost, making it an increasingly common Business Process Outsourcing service in the UAE.

Why do I need CFO services?

Outsourcing a CFO service gives you an impartial review of your finance department's bookkeeping and accounting. You can rely on accurate figures and receive necessary reports. The CFO can assist with strategic decisions and implement control procedures.

Does a CFO assist with a bank's facility?

Yes. A CFO builds trust with bank personnel to secure the best facilities.

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