Corporate Tax Advisory in UAE

In a significant development in the UAE, the Ministry of Finance announced the introduction of the Corporate Tax on business profits in the UAE effective from financial years starting on or after June 2023.

Given the announcement of the new tax regime, we believe that corporate tax implementation needs to be well planned and strategically thought out so that businesses can continue to function smoothly during and post-implementation.

With the adoption of corporate tax in the UAE, the tax and compliance requirements of the majority of UAE entities are anticipated to significantly change.

This may require an accurate identification of corporate tax implications and alterations to corporate structure, operating models, reporting systems, tax operations, finance operations, legal agreements and transfer pricing policies. IMC Group’s corporate tax advisory in Dubai and UAE can prove to be beneficial in transitioning to the new corporate tax regime.

The Importance of Corporate Tax Services in the UAE

To navigate the complex landscape of taxation effectively, businesses in the UAE often seek corporate tax services. These services are essential for ensuring compliance, leveraging tax benefits, reducing risks, optimizing processes, and obtaining expert strategic tax planning advice. Partnering with professional tax consultants, audit firms, and accounting firms in Dubai enhances the financial management of corporate tax impact assessments, including tax handling and reporting.

Benefits of using Corporate Tax Services in the UAE

Precise computation and submission of taxes

Reduced tax burden via strategic tax planning

Adherence to tax statutes and guidelines

Prevention of penalties for non-adherence

Gain access to expert support on tax-related issues

Corporate Tax Rates in the UAE

As specified by the UAE’s Ministry of Finance, the corporate income tax structure is as follows:

Role of a Corporate Tax Consultant in UAE

Discovering the premier corporate tax advisor in the UAE is essential for businesses aiming to adeptly tactic through the intricate tax environment.

Tax consultants in the UAE offer a spectrum of services to companies, encompassing corporate tax preparedness, registration and submission, and guaranteeing adherence to statutory tax protocols. Moreover, they provide specialized tax counsel, corporate financial management, and strategic corporate tax planning, among other services. The foremost tax consultants possess extensive knowledge of the prevailing tax legislation in the UAE, thus ensuring that taxable entities remain by UAE corporate tax regulations.

Furthermore, corporate tax services play a crucial role in assisting businesses in making well-informed decisions by providing insights into the tax implications of various business transactions. As IMC is a Trusted corporate tax consultant in Dubai, it can aid companies in preparing for corporate tax obligations through comprehensive tax assessment and advisory services.

With the impending implementation of UAE Corporate Tax in June of this year, businesses throughout the UAE are gearing up to fortify their strategies and objectives while ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Each company is obligated to prepare and submit a single UAE corporate tax return to the FTA along with relevant supporting schedules for every tax period.

UAE Introduces Corporate Taxes on Corporate Income FAQs

What is Corporate Tax? Why does the UAE introduce CT? When will the UAE CT regime become effective?

What We Do?

Are you looking for the best way to manage your corporate tax obligations in Dubai, UAE? Employing Corporate Tax Consultants in Dubai could be highly beneficial. A certified corporate tax consultant in Dubai can provide expert advice and ensure adherence to tax regulations, enhancing your financial standing in the industry. With numerous choices available, finding the right consultant can be daunting.

IMC Group’s corporate tax advisory is here to assist businesses in UAE to meet their corporate tax compliance. We are committed to assisting you in determining your corporation tax liability and guiding you in implementing the corporate tax system that is specifically tailored to your entity’s needs.

As one of the top firms offering corporate tax advisory in Dubai, we guarantee utmost accuracy and timely compliance with corporate taxation requirements. Our designated corporate tax team is always there to provide the required assistance and solve all your queries regarding corporate tax matters.

Our Corporate Tax consultants will work with you to implement effective corporate tax strategies.

Our Phase-wise Approach to Planning for Corporate Tax

Phase 1 - Impact Assessment

(Pre issuance of the CT Legislation)

At this stage, we evaluate your business and help you prepare for and get familiar with the corporate tax regime.


Phase 2 - Detailed Assessment & Planning

(Post issuance of CT legislation)

At this stage, we perform a quantitative and detailed impact assessment and help build a preliminary roadmap for change.


Phase 3 - Implementation Support

At this stage, we help you to implement corporate tax regime and best practices in day to day operations in your organisation.


Phase 4 - Post-implementation Support

At this stage, we extend our ongoing support in corporate tax matters. Ensure that your tax affairs are up-to-date and dealt with efficiently.


Our Corporate Tax Services in UAE
As a part of our corporate tax services, we can assist you with the following:

Transfer Pricing

Corporate Tax Advisory

Corporate Tax Compliance

Corporate Tax Returns Filing

Corporate Tax Impact Assessment

Corporate Tax Advisory in UAE - FAQs
UAE Corporate Tax refers to a tax levied on the net income or profits of businesses and corporations.
The introduction of Corporate Tax in the UAE serves to reinforce the country’s position as a leading global hub for business and investment. Additionally, it supports the UAE’s progress towards achieving its strategic objectives. Implementing Corporate Tax is a step towards adhering to international tax compliance standards and combating harmful tax practices.
Yes, the UAE Corporate Tax applies uniformly across all Emirates, functioning as a Federal Tax.

The Corporate Tax rates in the UAE are as follows:

  • 0% for taxable income up to AED 375,000
  • 9% for taxable income exceeding AED 375,000
Determining taxable income in the UAE relies on a business’s net profit or loss per its financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Adjustments are made for specific items outlined in the Corporate Tax Law, including unrealized gains and losses, exempt income like qualifying dividends and capital gains, and deductions not allowed for Corporate Tax purposes.
Non-Resident Individuals are those entities incorporated abroad with management and control outside the UAE, or individuals not engaged in taxable activities within the country.
Non-resident individuals may be taxed on income from their UAE Permanent Establishment or income linked to UAE nexus, as per Cabinet Decision No. 56 of 2023, with UAE-sourced income subject to a 0% Withholding Tax.
Free Zone entities in the UAE would indeed be subject to Corporate Tax. However, these entities’ specific corporate tax obligations would be contingent upon their maintenance of sufficient substance and compliance with relevant regulations.
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