Vendor Due Diligence Services in Dubai

Secure Your Business’s Future with Expert Vendor Due Diligence Services.

Ensure Compliance, Minimize Risks, and Foster Trustworthy Partnerships.

Reach Out Now for Tailored Solutions!

Vendor Due Diligence Services in Dubai

Secure Your Business’s Future with Expert Vendor Due Diligence Services.

Ensure Compliance, Minimize Risks, and Foster Trustworthy Partnerships.

Reach Out Now for Tailored Solutions!

Our Vendor Due Diligence Services in Dubai enhance your existing capabilities, offering support through every aspect and challenge of the divestiture process.

Our specialised team, with a wealth of experience in sell-side transactions, provides comprehensive solutions that foster strategic and efficient approaches for overcoming the hurdles management faces during divestitures. In competitive bidding situations with multiple interested buyers, our services are pivotal, supplying standardized data sets and an independent, robust perspective to elevate the confidence of potential buyers.

Our experts are proficient in executing vendor due diligence services in Dubai across various sectors, delivering customized advice tailored to each transaction’s unique requirements from our UAE base. Utilizing our deep knowledge of disposal processes, we facilitate the setup of effective carve-outs, divestitures, and disposals, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to ongoing business operations.

By working in close partnership with our clients, we ensure they retain control throughout the disposal process, providing a comprehensive service that covers critical areas according to the specific needs of vendors and buyers. This includes addressing tax, financial analyses (covering future projections and historical data), strategic planning, commercial viability, and operational efficiency to offer a fully integrated approach to vendor due diligence.

Steps of Vendor Due Diligence in UAE

Vendor due diligence at its core involves a sequence of steps outlined as follows:

Stage 1

Initiation involves the vendor collaborating with a specialist or third party to conduct the due diligence. This phase starts before the company assets or the business intended for sale is introduced to the market.

Stage 2

Preparation of vendor due diligence reports, which are distributed to potential buyers for examination. Following the distribution of these reports, vendors grant prospective buyers the opportunity to conduct their due diligence.

Stage 3

Depending on the sale's complexity, interested buyers might engage in detailed inquiries with the management or leadership of the sold business.

Stage 4

Upon completion of the sale, the buyer receives the final vendor due diligence report, to which they are legally committed.

Our Services

Collecting Essential Due Diligence Information from Your Vendors

Our due diligence consulting professionals in Dubai meticulously collect all vital data from your vendors, including financial records, operational processes, procedures, SOC reports, and any other necessary details for a comprehensive analysis, ensuring you are prepared for your upcoming audit.

Process Standardization

Providing Answers to Due Diligence Inquiries: Our vendor due diligence specialists meticulously review your vendor documentation to address due diligence inquiries, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards in Dubai.

Monitoring Critical Vendors

Our due diligence consultants actively scan public media and various sources for up-to-the-minute news on critical vendors that might influence your vendor risk assessments.

Initiating Risk Assessment Procedures

Automate and expedite the risk assessment process.

Performing Risk Assessment Evaluations

By interviewing your team, our Vendor Due Diligence experts determine the appropriate risk levels for each vendor, drawing on the insights gained from the due diligence phase.

Managing Vendor Insurance Continuously

Our team monitors vendor insurance, ensuring all insurance certificates are up to date and renewals are handled promptly.

CPA Analysis

A Certified Public Accountant on our team will delve into the complex financials of your vendors, offering evaluations and predicting the potential for financial instability that could affect crucial outsourced services.

CISSP Cyber Security Evaluation

Our Certified Information Security Professional assesses your vendor's security framework, including examining SOC reports, risk assessment findings, and information security policies, to evaluate and forecast cyber risk impacts on critical data handled or accessed by your key vendors.

Importance of Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) in Modern Business Landscape

Benefits of Conducting Vendor Due Diligence in the UAE

In today’s globalized business landscape, companies are subject to numerous regulations requiring them to mitigate risks associated with third parties and external vendors. Vendor due diligence is a crucial component of compliance efforts, particularly in the UAE.

Businesses undertake vendor due diligence before partnering with or acquiring an external entity. This process identifies and evaluates risks such as regulatory violations and unethical business practices.

Advantages of Vendor Due Diligence in the UAE

The advantages of conducting comprehensive Vendor Due Diligence in the UAE include the following:
Vendor Due Diligence Services Essential for Sale Success
  • Attracts Many Potential Buyers: When the auction process attracts many potential buyers.
  • Prevents Interruptions to Business Operations: When it’s essential to prevent any interruptions to business operations.
  • Keeps Information Private and Confidential: keeping information private and confidential is crucial, and there is a strict timeline.
  • Intricate Disposal Process Management: When the disposal process is intricate, requiring you to manage the extent of information inquiries or questions from prospective buyers.
  • Mandatory Due Diligence for All Bidders: When due diligence is a mandatory step for all bidders involved in the transaction.
Secure your Supply Chain with Our Comprehensive Vendor Due Diligence Checklist
Why Choose IMC for Vendor Due Diligence Services in Dubai?

Understanding the value of your time and the challenges of gathering vendor information—which is often a costly, lengthy, and sometimes unfinished task— IMC delivers comprehensive vendor due diligence services in Dubai designed to streamline and enhance your vendor and third-party management efforts, making them more efficient, quicker, and cost-effective.

By collaborating continuously with your team, our vendor due diligence consultants establish the due diligence framework and liaise with your vendors. Our innovative solutions and methodologies save you valuable time and resources and ensure that your vendor due diligence program aligns with regulatory standards.

Clear Objectives

Our vendor due diligence process is established on a strong foundation with clear objectives and parameters. We also assist our customers in defining project terms of reference.

Scientific Approach

We rely on time-tested methods to put in place the details of the existing scenario and the investment objectives. We then find out the impact of the proposed investment and other competencies.


We strive to provide our clients with an unbiased and professional opinion supported by evidence. In case of difference of opinion, we make sure we express it clearly.


We ensure that the clients and their data are fully confidential and safe. As a measure of caution, we have stringent security and control policies in place.

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