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Paralegal Services



As part of our paralegal services, IMC PRO helps you to overcome the language barrier by providing the most professional translation services in the region. Our language translation experts provide high quality Arabic translation as well as legal, advertising, public relations, financial and technical translation for companies working in the UAE, GCC and the Middle East.


A company may be owned by one or more shareholders. A shareholder’s agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company in which they agree how the company will be run. They agree that they will use their voting power in the company to ensure the terms of the agreement are complied with for as long as they all are shareholders. The founding shareholders determine how the company will be owned and managed. It protects the interest of all shareholders by referring to the set of rules at the time of incorporation of the company to avoid disputes and misunderstanding between the shareholders which may lead to operational difficulties.

Adding new shareholders requires amendment in the shareholders agreement to accommodate their conditions of entry and exit and to secure their investment returns.

The shareholder agreement should be confidential and its content need not be filed or made public.


Our paralegal services professionals advise on Notarization of documents in the U.A.E. Courts. Commonly notarized documents are as follows:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Authorization of Agent
  • Affidavit
  • Agreement of Incorporation
  • Purchase or Sale agreement
  • Agency agreements
  • Commercial agreements
  • Translation documents
  • Real Estate and Property documents
  • Sole Distributorship
  • Certificates of Free Sale
  • Registration of Partnerships, Corporations or Joint Ventures
  • Any other documents of legal nature


Power Of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that appoints a trusted person as an ‘attorney’ to make decisions on your behalf. The Power of Attorney will empower the person to make wide ranging decisions on your behalf.

  • Purchase of business
  • Sale of business
  • Hiring of Employees
  • Engagement of Agents
  • Consultants and Advisors
  • Lawyers
  • Dealings with Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Representations in Court
  • Representation in Government & Semi Government departments
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Purchase of Property
  • Sale of Property
  • Management of Property

Our paralegal services professionals are specialized in preparing comprehensive legally enforceable POAs. To be legally effective within the United Arab Emirates all Powers of Attorneys must be attested at the Notary Public Office. Our PRO department assists clients with notarization.

In UAE, Partners in a Limited Liability Company (LLC) may give Power of Attorney to each other to facilitate day to day operation of the company. It is usual for majority shareholding Emirati Partner to give Power of Attorney to the minority shareholding Expat Partner to manage all affairs of the company on his behalf.

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