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Visa Services


As a Free Trade Zone Company, Limited Liability Company (LLC) owner, partner or investor the UAE Free Trade Zone/Local Company is your visa sponsor. The investor visa is commonly referred to as UAE investor visa or UAE residence visa.

The UAE residence visa allows you to stay in the UAE as a resident and is valid for 2-3 years. The UAE investor visa expires when outside the UAE for longer than 6 months.


An employment visa is required for all foreign nationals seeking employment in a company registered in United Arab Emirates. The employment visa is issued following the approval from UAE Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Employment visa is issued by the Immigration Department.

Once an employee has entered the country on the basis of the employment visa we can complete the formalities of employee’s residence visa stamping.

IMC PRO Services assists companies in UAE to process employment visas for their employees. Our team of highly skilled PROs specialize in obtaining and processing large number of visas for all types of companies.

For all employment visas and corporate PRO service solutions contact our specialist consultants.


The UAE family visa is for spouses, parents and children. Sponsorship from a family member is usually necessary. Our PRO’s understand that reuniting families are of utmost importance and work seamlessly to ease the arrival of families into UAE.

For all dependant visas services please contact our consultants.


IMC PRO also assists in the clearance of housemaids visa, nanny visa and domestic servants visas.


IMC assists in cancellation of employment visas. We assist both companies and individual employees to cancel the residence visa and work permit for employees when they leave company employment.

We also assist individuals who want to cancel their current employment visa to take up employment with a new employer. To cancel your employment visa we will require the original passport, original entry permit and cancellation forms duly signed by the sponsor.

Our consultants advise clients suited to their special circumstances.


All employees require the visa to be stamped on their passport to change their immigration status to Resident in UAE. Our PROs assist in visa stamping for employees or business partners.

A medical card is a prerequisite for Visa Stamping. We will assist you in obtaining the medical certificate and medical card from the Ministry of Health prior to stamping visa in the Passport.


In UAE it’s essential to renew your Immigration Card before it expires.  Failure to renew your Immigration card will result in blocking all of your new visa applications.


The mandatory United Arab Emirates ID Card (UAE ID Card) is for the purpose of proving identity and with Biometric and advanced ID features it eliminates the need to carry different forms of identification.

We provide the following services

  • Service Centre Appointment
  • Processing Application for the Registration of ID Card
  • Reminder and Renewal of ID Card
  • Replacement of Damaged, Lost or Stolen ID card

The registration process can be lengthy and tiresome, however, we have put in place a system where your registration process can be effortless. All you have to do is complete our form and e-mail it to us. We then arrange an appointment at one of the service centers, which we will accompany you to if you require.

Just drop your email id and contact number. We will get in touch with you.