Dubai Pro Services Residence Visa Services

The mandatory United Arab Emirates ID Card (UAE ID Card) is for the purpose of proving identity and with Biometric and advanced ID features it eliminates the need to carry different forms of identification.

Dubai Pro Services Residence VISA Services

The mandatory United Arab Emirates ID Card (UAE ID Card) is for the purpose of proving identity and with Biometric and advanced ID features it eliminates the need to carry different forms of identification.
Emirates Id
The registration process can be lengthy and tiresome, however, we have put in place a system where your registration process can be effortless. All you have to do is complete our form and e-mail it to us. We then arrange an appointment at one of the service centers, which we will accompany you to if you require. We Provide the Following Services
Service Centre Appointment
Processing Application for the Registration of ID Card
Reminder and Renewal of ID Card
Replacement of Damaged, Lost or Stolen ID card

Dubai PRO Services Residence Visa Services

Investor VISA Services

As a Free Trade Zone Company, Limited Liability Company (LLC) owner, partner or investor the UAE Free Trade Zone/Local Company is your visa sponsor. The investor visa is commonly referred to as UAE investor visa or UAE residence visa.

The UAE residence visa allows you to stay in the UAE as a resident and is valid for 2-3 years. The UAE investor visa expires when outside the UAE for longer than 6 months.

Necessary Documentation for VISA Renewal in the UAE

Required Documents for Renewal
It’s essential to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months to ensure a hassle-free renewal experience. The person being sponsored must undergo a medical test within a set timeframe to prevent the cancellation of their health insurance related to the renewal request.
Specific Documents for Different Visa Categories

The documentation needed for renewing a visa varies according to the visa category. For example, renewal applications for residence permits for support staff and domestic workers should be submitted at Tadbeer centers. For family member residence permits, additional documents might be needed, varying by the sponsor’s employment sector.

Separate documentation requirements exist for work permits, investor or partner residence permits, and permits sponsored by private entities, universities, and colleges. It is recommended to contact the appropriate authorities or seek advice from a reputable service provider to ensure you have collected all required documents for your specific visa category.

Authenticating Your Documents

The authenticity of your documents is a critical aspect of the visa renewal process. The UAE has strict regulations for document verification, and any inconsistency could result in the denial of your application.

Document attestation or notarization may be necessary to validate their authenticity. This step is essential to prove the legitimacy of your documents to the authorities.

The visa renewal procedure in the UAE requires adherence to legal formalities, and it’s crucial to follow all applicable laws and regulations to avoid any legal complications or fines. Therefore, make sure all your documents are prepared and organized before initiating the renewal process.

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How to Terminate or cancel a Family Visa in Dubai?

To terminate a dependent or family visa, it is required to present the original passports of both the dependent and the sponsor. The fee for termination is 950 AED, and the process typically takes around two to three business days.

How to Terminate or Cancel a Dubai Residence Visa from India?

The procedure remains consistent When terminating a visa from any location outside the UAE.

How to cancel a Dubai residence visa?

To cancel your visa, Provide your original passport, Emirates ID, and a signed visa cancellation request form from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to an authorized agent. The cancellation fee is approximately AED 1,050, and the process is usually completed within five business days.

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