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Power of Attorney and Notarization

Power of Attorney is a legal specialized document. The main intention of granting the same is to provide authority to a specific person or company. Power of attorney is provided by a single person or a company to another person or a company. This is done to ensure that the person who is being granted the attorney can access, work and act under or for the grantor. The power of attorney is generally authenticated by a notary. For signing the POA in UAE, notary services in UAE is specifically taken into consideration.

Advantages of Power of Attorney

The next thing that while discussing the argument power of attorney and notary services in Dubai will mostly be the advantage of power of attorney. The use of POA all over the UAE is so wide and unlimited and cannot be stated via single post. But here are some of the wide uses of POA in UAE which need to be mentioned.

In the cases of real estate properties in Dubai, the whole process of attaining a power of attorney has been simplified with the help of local firm based in Dubai is the best choice from signing the power of attorney to legally functioning of the same. Signing the POA is an effective and reliable way. The process is acknowledged by legal procedures so the chances of accuracy are high.

Another point to add to the efficiency advantageous list is that the whole process is quite inexpensive in management. Private notary services in Dubai are available at decent reasonable rates. Anyone can afford them for notarization.

Validity of POA

Power of attorney which is signed in the UAE has certain validation issues to be handled. Power of attorney which is authenticated by the notary services is valid for two years from the issue dates. Some people might have the myth that after the validation period it needs to be re-signed and authenticated by the legislative authorities. But it is not more than just a typical myth, after the validation period the POA needs to be renewed by the certain authorities. For the revocation of the same a message or simply a notification needs to be delivered to the office which issues the POA later.

The POA in UAE issued by the notary services present there and is validated for the purpose it will be used for. The POA issued for transactions including real estate transactions, once the transaction is made complete, the POA gets expired or revoked on the time. The POA issued in UAE also depends on legislation and general made rules for revocation.

Notary services

Notary services are needed for authenticating the identity of the person signing. In simple terms for notarizing the power of attorney, notary services are needed. Notary services in Dubai are generally requested by those who are wondering to notarize the documents and contracts pending in UAE.

Any foreign party or businesses which are looking to notarize certain documents and can solicit the notary services. But the necessities of documents need to be marked. In the matter of notary services and authentication anyone can assist Dubai attorneys for extra support.

The types of power of attorney

  • General power of attorney
  • Special power of attorney
  • Lasting power of attorney (Not applicable in UAE)

In this type of POA, a particular agent has given the power to manage and overtake the work. All the consistent work is needed to be generally dealt with on a principal behalf actually. Then the same is for just a short period of time up to which the real principal is not present in the location or suffering from physical or mental imbalance.

In this the agent can even handle certain affairs which need to be dealt by the main principal. In this form it is generally recommended to clear out which affairs and functions the agent will carry. Notary services in Dubai clearly lay down the certain principals or special power attorney.

In many cases the power of notary is executed in any of the other foreign countries may be by private notary services of Dubai. The POA is issued outside the borders but can be put into the use in Dubai and the other parts of UAE. But for the same certain requirements are needed to be followed first

  • Notary or solicitor or the magistrate should be present in the said location while signing the documents.
  • The UAE embassy should legalize the concerned documents.
  • Attestation of the documents needs to be particularly done in the foreign office of the landmark.
  • Attestation should also be done in the concerned foreign offices of UAE.
  • It is the duty of the UAE ministry of justice to legalize the complete document at the end of all of the procedures.

Final verdict

Altogether it can be stated that the power of Attorney is an important legal document of UAE. It efficiently solves the various problematic disputes through special legal procedures. A large number of activities are covered under the power of attorney in Dubai. These activities are generally related to real estate transactions and processes.

POA is generally issued with the help of concerned notary services in UAE. The whole procedure of publishing a power of attorney is highly simplified but a proper concern is required.

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