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Intuit Management Consultancy | Hong Kong
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Hong Kong

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Total- 1,104 km 2 (179th), 42 sq mi
2010 census 7,061,200[7]
Density- 6480[8]/km2(4th), 16,576/sq mi
Calling code:+852
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The Hong Kong Limited Company has become a popular vehicle within the field of international trade. The basic concept central to most trading structures set up by foreign companies using a Hong Kong trading entity is that of outsourcing their back office functions, while retaining full control of their international trading business.

Offshore Company Formation in Hong Kong

Businesses in Hong Kong are generally established in the form of Limited Liability Company. A Hong Kong Company follows the common law as in the UK. The rate of taxation is 17.5% on Hong Kong source income. There is no law existing on corporate tax in Hong Kong for those companies that conducts business outside Hong Kong.


Key Features of Hong Kong Offshore Company Formation

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