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The Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees the key financial process of the company which includes the financial risk management, financial planning, financial reporting and compliance. An effective chief financial officer must have a strong understanding of the business operations as well as extensive experience and knowledge on financial accounting, cash management and corporate finance that will contribute to the needs of the company. The chief financial officer must also show strong leadership and must be able express strategic vision. Most importantly, the qualities of a good CFO must not be limited to the financial competence but also must show in his unwavering integrity and ethical values.

The Need for Virtual CFOs

The need for a Chief Financial Offer to manage funds, oversee financial reporting and budgeting, communicate to clients, investors and directors and to implement controls and systems is always present in every business.  However not all, especially small and medium-sized entities, have the resources to employ full time CFOs or some companies are in situations wherein the need for a permanent CFO is not justifiable.  Virtual CFO services allows companies to avail strategic, value-added financial solutions while keeping fixed cost at a minimal rate.  This service also allows companies freedom to acquire the services of CFOs when and just as needed.

Does your Company need a Virtual CFO? The following situations may indicate that a company might need the services of Virtual CFOs:

IMC’s Virtual CFO

IMC’s Virtual CFO services aims to provide high management financial services to start up and growing businesses, small and medium-sized entities or well-established businesses seeking to improve overall company operations through the help of a strategic partner without incurring large cost. Our team will provide competent individuals on a part-time basis. These Virtual CFOs will serve as part of your senior management team and will act as strategic partners in improving overall company performance. Our services are customized to the needs of our clients to ensure results with immediate impact to the company operations.

IMC’s tailored Virtual CFO packages include the following:

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